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Gadsden State Community College


eLearning Student Handbook

Academic Honesty Policy

To satisfy the expectations of those institutions to which some of its students ultimately transfer, as well as meet obligations to students, the Alabama State Board of Education, and the general public, Gadsden State expects all its students to conform to the College’s Academic Honesty Policy. Any student who fails to comply with the Academic Honesty Policy may be charged with a violation.
Since the courts give an educational institution considerable discretion with respect to academic transgressions, instances of academic misconduct by students at Gadsden State Community College will be handled by the instructor involved, the academic director involved, and the appropriate supervising instructional dean.
Violations of the Academic Honesty Policy include, but are not limited to, the following:

    • Cheating—using or attempting to use unauthorized materials, information, study aids, or computer-related information or unauthorized copying or collaboration in the preparation of any assignments or in the taking of any tests or examinations; looking on another student’s paper during a test or examination or communicating in any way with anyone other than the test administrator
    • Plagiarism—representing the words, data, works, ideas, computer program or output of someone else as one’s own (The student should be aware that an electronic means may be used to discover plagiarism and cheating.)
    • Misrepresentation—falsifying, altering, or misstating the contents of documents or other material related to academic matters, including schedules, prerequisites, and transcripts
    • Violating explicit rules in clinical activities

    Acceptable Use Policy and Legal Considerations
    Please consult the Gadsden State Community College Acceptance Use Policy and other legal considerations. All persons using the college web site, email, college computer and network equipment, is responsible for upholding these policies.

    Disclaimer: Notice is given that materials that may be accessed in chat rooms, bulletin boards, or unofficial web pages are not officially sponsored by Gadsden State Community College. The U.S. Constitution rights of free speech apply to all members of our community regardless of the medium used. We disclaim all liability for data, information, or opinions expressed in these forums.

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