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eLearning Student Handbook


“Netiquette” or etiquette is the appropriate way to communicate via the Internet and through email. Consider the following general guidelines:

  • Tone down your language
    Facial cues and body language are absent in an online classroom, the written word can be easily misinterpreted. Avoid using offensive language. Remember, write only what you would say in a face to face situation.

  • The written word is stored
    Think carefully about the content of your email and discussion posting. Once it is sent, there is no retrieving.

  • Test for clarity
    Remember there is a real person on the other end of the email or discussion posting. Messages that may seem clear to you may seem confusing to the reader. Read your message out loud or to someone before posting.

  • Avoid SHOUTING
    Typing in ALL CAPS is considered shouting and should be avoided in the classroom.

  • Stick to the point
    Postings at discussions should have a short, descriptive subject header and the posting should be “on subject”.