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eLearning Student Handbook

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This information is not intended to replace the information in the Gadsden State Community College Catalog/Student Handbook. It is to serve as a supplement especially for eLearning students.

Visit the Gadsden State Community College website here for the College application. The application may be completed and submitted online.

"All college admission policies are applicable to eLearning courses and programs."

Once a student has been admitted to Gadsden State Community College, he or she may enroll in those courses for which he or she is qualified, but only during a time designated by the College as a registration period. Before a student can enroll in English Composition I (ENG 101) or in a credit-level mathematics course, he or she must take the appropriate placement test, which assesses the student’s preparedness for such courses.

The COMPASS Placement Test is administered at Gadsden State Community College as well as nationwide. Call 800.645.1992 to locate a testing site. Scores are valid for three years from the date of the original or re-test assessment.

Advisors are available to assist students in the selection of appropriate courses for any instructional program offered by the College. To contact an Advisor, please visit the Advisors page.

The registration process for eLearning courses is the same as registration for on-campus courses. Before registering for classes, students should review appropriate sections of the catalog and discuss course options with an academic advisor. Failure to do this can result in the taking of courses that will not fulfill degree requirements. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that all course prerequisites are satisfied. There are three methods of registration offered by Gadsden State Community College. They are:

  • Online Registration
  • Telephone Registration
  • On-site Registration
To obtain specific information concerning directions, dates, and times, please visit the Gadsden State Community College Website at

Students may obtain grade reports by telephone (1.800.226.5563 or 256.549. 8262) or by visiting the College website at A "G" number and a personal identification number (PIN) are required to access grades.

Students who wish to withdraw from a class or from the College completely must officially withdraw on or before the date selected as the “Last Day to Withdraw”, specified on the College calendar. The student will received a grade of “W” regardless of the student’s average at the time of withdrawal.

Students who wish to withdraw from an eLearning class should contact the Admissions Office by FAX 256.549.8466 or email for assistance.

Students are invited to take advantage of the staff of professionally trained counselors available at Gadsden State Community College. For questions concerning career decisions, scheduling of classes, or major fields of study, contact the Gadsden State Community College Counseling Department at 256.549.8307 or email Dana Davis, on the Wallace Drive Campus; Cindy Greer, on the McClellan Campus; Matthew Burttram, on the East Broad Street Campus; Kim Campbell, on the Valley Street Campus; or Chad Steed, on the Cherokee Campus. At Gadsden State Community College, We are Changing Lives One Student At A Time.

The Statewide Articulation Reporting System, also known as STARS, is a computerized articulation and transfer planning system designed to inform students who attend Alabama community colleges about degree requirements, course equivalents, and other transfer information pertaining to specific majors at each state funded four-year institution. Students who are interested in receiving STARS information should make an appointment in the Counseling Center or visit the STARS web site at

Visit the Gadsden State Online Bookstore for all of your textbook needs. Important Note: Textbooks that have an Access Code for entry into online sites supplied by the publisher may not be returned. Students should verify they have the correct text before opening it.

The Gadsden State Community College Library offers a collection of books, journals, DVDs/Videos, and other materials—both physical and electronic—to support learning at each campus and instructional site of the College. Reference assistance, computers, interlibrary loan, and photocopiers are available for student use at each location.

  • Austin R. Meadows Library (Wallace Drive and East Broad Campuses) (256-549-8333)
  • Pierce C. Cain Learning Resources Center (Ayers Campus) (256-835-5436)
  • Valley Street Campus Library (256-549-8681)
  • McClellan Center Library (256-238-9352)
  • Cherokee Center Library (256-927-1808)

To borrow materials from any campus library, you will need to present your student identification card. Circulating books may be borrowed for 3 weeks with renewals available in most cases. Fines are charged for materials that are overdue or never returned. For assistance obtaining a student ID, please contact the library.  (Additional contact information is available on the library’s website.)

The Library collection is available 24 hours a day via the library’s online catalog. A variety of search options are available, and students have access to information about materials available at each library. Electronic books are available for student use. For assistance in accessing ebooks off campus, please contact the library.

Electronic articles are available through the Alabama Virtual Library (AVL) and library-owned databases accessed from the library’s website. For assistance in accessing these databases off campus, please contact the library.

Work sessions, orientations, or database review sessions may be scheduled by your instructor, and questions are always welcomed. Library staff are available to provide instruction or reference assistance, but working ahead of your assignment’s due date is always recommended to insure that you have adequate time to gather materials together and review them for inclusion in your assignment. To obtain assistance, contact the Gadsden State Community College Library.

Students who need financial assistance to attend Gadsden State Community College may be able to receive aid through one or more of the numerous programs that are offered or administered, including both student financial-aid programs funded by the Federal government and numerous scholarships. For additional information, please visit or contact Kelly D’Eath,

The College recognizes the importance of students being able to register legitimate complaints relating to courses, programs, activities, college personnel, and violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act. In the event that a student feels that he/she has been treated unfairly or treated in less than a professional manner, the student may register a complaint using the following steps.

  1. The student should make an effort to resolve the complaint with the employee involved.

  2. If the problem is not resolved, the student should file a written complaint with the appropriate supervisor of the employee. Upon receipt of the complaint, the supervisor will work with the parties in an attempt to resolve the complaint.

  3. If the complaint is not resolved by the supervisor, then the supervisor will forward the complaint to the appropriate dean. The Dean will meet with the student, the employee, and the supervisor in an attempt to resolve the complaint.

  4. If the Dean is not able to resolve the complaint, then the complaint will be forwarded for final resolution to the Vice President for Institutional Advancement and Student Services. The Vice President, or designee, will issue a final written determination concerning the complaint.

  5. Written appeals of the Vice President’s or designee’s determination may be made to the President. Every effort will be made to ensure confidentiality of information received as part of this complaint process.