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Focus On Faculty

Focus On Faculty shines the spotlight on Gadsden State instructors who are implementing innovative teaching techniques especially for the online classroom. These videos highlight a small sample of the world-class faculty here at Gadsden State!

photo of Tim Hardy

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Tim Hardy, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration instructor here at Gadsden State, will showcase how to use Delmar publisher test banks and Exam View to create tests, then upload the tests into Blackboard. Tim uses these tests to make sure his students are truly understanding all of the ACR material before it is too late. "Blackboard Tests and Student Retention"

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photo of Derrick Griffey

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Derrick Griffey, History/Sociology instructor here at Gadsden State, will showcase how to engage students using Blackboard mash-ups.

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photo of Chris Harrison

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Chris Harrison, English instructor here at Gadsden State, will demonstrate how to streamline your Blackboard content through Hyperlinking and Embedding.