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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference in Internet Courses, Hybrid Courses, and Web-Enhanced Courses?


  • Internet Courses
    Instruction is delivered via the Internet with Internet, on-site, or proctored testing. Most Internet courses do not have an on-site orientation therefore it is essential for students to begin participation within three (3) days of the first day of class.
  • Hybrid Courses
    These are Internet courses with an on-site component. Instruction is delivered via the Internet with scheduled meetings on campus. For information concerning the on-campus meeting dates, please consult the schedule or contact the course instructor.
  • Web-Enhanced Courses
    These are traditional courses that meet several times a week with an Internet component. Instruction is typically delivered in class in the traditional manner with some assignments to be completed on-line. There is generally no way to tell if a course is web-enhanced or not from the schedule; you must contact the instructor or department.

Do I have to have my own computer to enroll in online classes?

No. You may take Gadsden State Community College eLearning classes from home, office, or any other location where you have access to a computer with Internet access. You may also use Gadsden State Community College computers in the libraries and in a few designated computer labs.

Can I register and begin a eLearning class anytime during the semester?

At this time, the eLearning classes follow the same semester schedule (starting and ending dates) as the traditional on-campus classes.

How do I access my Blackboard course?

  1. Direct your browser to the Gadsden State Community College Homepage,
  2. Click on the Blackboard link
  3. Enter your Blackboard Username and Password (Your username is your Gadsden State Community College email address to the left of the @. Example: swhite0139. Your Password is your six digit birthday: 032154)

What if I don't know my Gadsden State Community College email address?

Login to Self Service Banner at this link: Click "Personal Information". Click "View Email Addresses". Your campus email will be listed.

How do I take tests or exams for eLearning classes?

Some quizzes and tests are online and may be taken according to guidelines indicated by your instructor. Some instructors require tests to be taken on campus or at a prearranged proctoring location. Please refer to the course description and syllabus of the class to find out test requirements for each course.

How do I complete labs for eLearning classes?

This depends on the class and the instructor. Some classes may include virtual labs, which you may do from a computer, while others must be completed on campus. Please refer to the course description and syllabus for specific information about labs for each course.

Can I take eLearning courses and on-campus classes at the same time?

Yes. You may enroll in eLearning classes and classes offered on-campus at the same time.

I am having trouble keeping up with my eLearning course. Can I have an extension?

It would depend on the specific course, the instructor, and the circumstances. Ordinarily, extra-special circumstances would be required for an extension.

How do I withdraw from a class at Gadsden State?

A student who wishes to withdraw from a course must officially withdraw on or before the date designated as “the Last Day to Withdraw” for the semester. This date will be published each semester in the Schedule of Classes. There will be no withdrawals after this date. Contact the Admissions Office by fax (256-549-8466) or email Gerri Langley,, for specific information concerning withdrawal from classes.

Do I ever have to come to the Gadsden State campus if I enroll in an eLearning class?

The answer is "maybe." You may have to come to the campus for orientation, to take exams, or to complete labs. You may have to purchase textbooks and instructional materials in a local textbook store or in the college's book store on campus.