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Gadsden State eLearning Quick Steps

Quick Steps

Getting Started in eLearning


Step 1: Complete Course Proposal Form

Complete the eLearning Course Proposal Form being sure to attach a copy of the course outline. Approval from the Division Chair, eLearning office, and the Instructional Dean will be necessary. (Proposal Form)

Step 2: Request Course Template in the LMS

Contact the eLearning Office to create the standard course template in the school approved Learning Management System. At this time, the proper information will be entered into the Student Information System to reflect the use of the LMS in your class. (Request Form)

Step 3: Contact eLearning Office for Training

If training in the LMS or other available software is needed, the eLearning staff is here to help. Instructors can contact the eLearning Office at or by visiting the eLearning office in Inzer Hall on the Gadsden Campus.

Another option is to visit the just-in-time training modules found on the eLearning site.

Step 4: Develop Your Course

You can start small with just the built-in tools and/or you can create your own materials for the course.  Some faculty members reuse their Blackboard courses from session to session. 
One of the best ways to become familiar with the built-in tools, as well as learn to customize your course, is to take advantage of various eLearning Guides and the eLearning First Friday Tech Tips.

Step 5: Build Your Content

Why recreate the wheel? Complement your content with options provided by the eLearning office. Check out the various software options available. (Enhancing Online Learning)

Step 6: Let the Learning Begin

Students will be automatically added to your course once the registration process begins. However, it is wise to periodically check your Blackboard roll against your official roll. If there are discrepancies, please contact the eLearning Office immediately.  Remember, you are not in this alone. Take advantage of the many eLearning resources available to you. We are just a click or a call away.



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