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Lecture Capture Features

Now everyone on campus can create high-quality online presentations with minimal IT support required. Panopto’s lecture capture software simultaneously records and synchronizes video, audio, slides, document cameras, screen capture, electronic white boards, and more. Record formal lectures, campus events, classroom activities, and informal presentations from home or office. The Panopto recorder runs on any laptop, yet can handle the most complex recording requirements.

Broad device support enables the recording of presentation using webcams, analog and digital camcorders, HDMI capture cards, and more. Just plug the recording device into a Windows or Mac laptop and Panopto will take care of the rest.
Built-in video search automatically captures the content of slides and transcribes lectures. Students can search for a keyword, and Panopto will fast forward them to the precise moment in the lecture where the word appears.
Multi-cam video enables recording of multiple devices from a single PC. Capture video from webcams, camcorders, document cameras, interactive whiteboards and more. Panopto automatically syncs all of the feeds. No post-production required.
Distributed recording allows capturing of slides from the podium PC and video from the back of the auditorium. Panopto will automatically combine them into a single viewing experience.
Mobile recording allows capturing and sharing of video from an iPhone or iPad. Use an iOS device with a laptop—recording the presenter with the device and slides with a laptop. Panopto will combine them into a single recording.
Remote recording gives instructors a hands-free recording experience. Schedule recordings ahead of time for fully-automated lecture capture, and control the entire recording infrastructure from any web browser.
Offline recording gives the flexibility to capture lectures even when there’s no Internet connection. Simply record as normal and when reconnecting to the network Panopto will begin uploading.
Instant Publish makes lectures available on-demand as soon as recording is finished. Panopto synchronizes, uploads slides and video, and encodes the recording to be accessible from any device.