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Search the Internet


Three Search Approaches


Search Engines
Full text of billions of web pages. Search on distinctive words, names, or a phrase enclosed in " ".

Google Adv, Search (limiting by languages, fields, & domains).
Google Search Tips:

  • AND default. " " for phrases. - excludes.
  • For Boolean OR, capitalize OR, no ( ). Ex:  ucb OR cal
  • Use * as wildcard for unspecified words in phrase searches:
    Ex: "whatever  *  *  *  jane"
  • Quotes or + before words searches common or stop words.
    Ex: "to be or not to be"    +the bears
  • No truncation.

All The Web
Yahoo Advanced Search
Yahoo Search Tips:

  • AND default. " " for phrases. - excludes.
  • For Boolean OR, enclose terms in ( ), omit "or."
    Ex.:  (ucb  cal)
  • "  " for phrases Use -[nospace] to exclude.
  • No truncation.
  • More tips here

Advanced Search  
For full Boolean searching with nesting and parentheses, Alta Vista Advanced Search offers the most options. Also has full range of field limiting.
Use the link above to go to the Advanced search boxes.
A-V Advanced Search Tips:
Use Boolean AND, OR, AND NOT, NEAR in upper search box.

  • Use the Sorted by box to rank and filter results. Very powerful for searching within results.
  • * truncates.

"Smart" Meta-search Engines
Search several search engines at once with technologies that help probe search results
Help  Metasearch with Site-Snap™ summarization.
SurfWax Search Tips:

  • AND default. " " for phrases. Keep search simple and use summary features.
  • Search RSS, newsgroups and blogs
  • More about SurfWax.

Metasearch technology to search the Internet's top search engines, including Google, Yahoo! Search, MSN Search, Ask Jeeves, About, MIVA, LookSmart and more.

  • Searches the best results from the combined pool of the world's leading search engines
  • Easy to refine your search

Selected and evaluated sites organized by subject

Librarians' Index to the Internet
14,000+ carefully selected and extensively annotated sites of use in academic research and for many general inquires.
LII Search Tips:

  • Use broad search terms.  Can be searched through Vivisimo.
  • * truncates. Accepts AND (default), OR, and NOT.

114,000+ well annotated and cataloged sites for academic research.
Search all subject categories at once, or select one from list to focus in.
Infomine Search Tips:

  • Accepts AND (default), OR and parentheses ( ) in Boolean searches.  # truncates.

Academic Info
College and research level Internet resources.
Academic Info Search Tips:

  • Browse list of all subjects covered. Recommended approach.
  • To search, use "and" between terms (default is "or"). Click on likely category, and use CTRl+F to locate your terms.