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Gadsden State eLearning Quick Steps

Quick Steps

What is a Learning Management System?

This is the most frequent question posed by new online faculty. A Learning Management System (LMS) is a software package that enables the management and delivery of learning content and resources to students. Most LMS systems are web-based to facilitate "anytime, anywhere" access to learning content and administration. Think of "Online" as just another location where the class will meet either as an enhancement to the classroom or the exclusive place learning takes place for your students. The LMS utilized at Gadsden State is Blackboard.


Blackboard provides an integrated set of tools for developing and delivering interactive courses or course components over the Web. It allows for the distribution of many types of content:

  • Email & Calendar (linked directly to assessments and assignments)
  • Online assessments (can be self-grading or manual)
  • Online chat, threaded discussion boards, blogs, journals, and wikis
  • It provides access to interactive tools (e.g., discussions, whiteboard, live chat, and online assessments).
  • Easy access to course information and learning materials (e.g., syllabi, schedules, announcements, and lecture notes, presentations, videos)
  • Blackboard allows for the organization and distribution of course materials and grades in a secure environment.
  • All materials are available in a password protected environment.
  • Secure Grade Center where feedback can be provided and students can track their own progress.
  • Easily able to transfer content from semester to semester to multiple courses.

Why Use Blackboard?

Blackboard as a Learning Management System creates a course development environment that includes:

  • Consistent delivery of online student content.
  • Assessment tools to measure student mastery of learning (quizzes, assignments, project spaces).
  • Communication tools to enhance the building of online learning communities (e-mail, threaded discussion boards, chat, whiteboards)
  • Repository of online content files and learning objects (narratives, learning objectives, presentations, multimedia objects, streaming video content)

Gadsden State Community College relies on standardization of the online learning environment to ensure consistent support, interactions and navigation for our students. Also, Blackboard plays an integral role in support of the Gadsden State TEC Initiative as a part of our Quality Enhancement Plan.