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The Registered Nursing program prepares graduates to enter the fast-paced, dynamic environment of health care delivery. Successful completion of the program leads to an Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree and entry into multiple practice settings. Graduates are eligible to apply to sit for the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) NCLEX-RN exam for licensure and practice as registered nurses (RNs).

Students are admitted to this program once a year (Fall) at the Wallace Drive Campus. Online application deadline is April 15th of each year.


Quick Facts: 

  • The majority (45%) of RNs in the United States hold an associate degree as their primary nursing degree.
  • Nursing is the largest component of the healthcare workforce with approximately 3.1 licensed nurses in the United States.
  • The majority of nurses (62.2% of employed nurses) continue to work in hospital settings.
  • The average age of a registered nurse in the United States is 46 years.
  • 6.2% of nurses are male and 16.8% represent racially and ethnically diverse populations.

Source:  U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (2010). The Registered Nurse Population:   Findings from the 2008 National Sample Survey of Registered Nurses.


Admission Requirements

In addition to the general admission requirements of the College, admission to the Registered Nursing (RN) program requires:

  • Unconditional admission to the College
  • Minimum 2.5 grade point average (GPA) for nursing required academic core courses.
  • A minimum of 2.5 GPA cumulative high school GPA for students without prior college courses (GED will be used if applicable).
  • Official transcripts from ALL post-secondary institutions attended or high school transcripts for those who have not attended college
  • Eligibility for English 101 and Math 100 and satisfaction of the College reading requirement
  • ACT score of 18 or higher
  • Submission of application for Registered Nursing (RN) Program by deadline

Admission to the Registered Nursing (RN) Program is competitive, and the number of students admitted is limited by the number of faculty and clinical facilities available. Applicants who meet minimum requirements are rank-ordered for acceptance using a state-approved point system. Meeting minimal requirements does not guarantee acceptance. Example of Program Admission Ranking Sheet

Plan of Study
Before applying for admission to nursing, you may enroll in general education courses offered at several Gadsden State sites. If you have major responsibilities with work or family or if you need to pace your coursework to ensure success, you should complete as many of the Area I-IV courses (see below) before attempting to enter the nursing program.

Area I-Written Composition……………………………………………………….3
ENG 101 English Composition I (3SH)
Area II-Humanities and Fine Arts……………………………………………….6
SPH 106 Fundamentals of Oral Communication (3SH) or SPH 107 or 116 Fundamentals of Public Speaking
HUM Humanities Elective (3SH)
Area III-Natural Science or Mathematics……………………………………15
MTH 100 or (higher level math) (3SH)
BIO 201 Anatomy and Physiology I (4SH)
BIO 202 Anatomy and Physiology II (4SH)
BIO 220 Microbiology (4SH)
Area IV-History, Social and Behavioral Sciences……………………………..3
PSY 210 Human Growth and Development (3SH)
Area V-Professional, Major and Elective Courses………………………….39
NUR 112 Fundamental Concepts of Nursing (7SH)
NUR 113 Nursing Concepts I ((8SH)
NUR 114 Nursing Concepts II (8SH)
NUR 115 Evidence Based Clinical Reasoning (2SH)
NUR 211 Advanced Nursing Concepts (7SH)
NUR 221 Advanced Evidence Based Clinical Reasoning (7SH)
Total Hours Required for Degree 66
Suggested Plan of Study

Semester 1

Semester 2

Semester 3

ENG 101
BIO 201
Humanities Elective
PSY 210
ORI 101

MTH 100
BIO 202
SPH 106

BIO 220

Semester 4

Semester 5

Semester 6

NUR 112

NUR 113

NUR 114
NUR 115

Semester 7

Semester 8


NUR 211

NUR 221



*Cherokee Night RN Program will be 6 semesters of Professional Studies (NUR 114 and NUR 115 split)
LPN Option
Upon successful completion of NUR 114 and NUR 115, the student will be awarded the Practical Nursing certificate and may take the PN NCLEX exam and continue to pursue the RN degree while working as a licensed practical nurse. If the student opts out after NUR 114 and NUR 115 as a LPN, they may be reinstated for NUR 211 within one year of departure. Any student who is out of sequence longer than one year will apply for readmission to the program.


Students should seek advisement each semester prior to registration to review their academic record, discuss issues related to admission or progression in nursing, and finalize their upcoming semester’s class schedule.
Prior to seeing the advisor, be sure you have:

  • Completed the admissions process
  • Requested high school/college transcripts to be sent to Gadsden State
  • Reviewed the class schedule for the upcoming semester and created a class schedule
  • Prepared questions you need to ask the advisor
  • Download a program of study worksheet
  • Questions should be directed to Ms. Pam Mayo, Nursing Advisor at or 256-549-8257. 

Essential Functions
Essential Functions are the fundamental job duties/skills associated with a particular position. The American’s with Disabilities Act requires employers (as well as colleges/universities) to inform students of all performance expectations related to their job/school performance.  All students are required to read the essential functions identified for the registered nurse and determine if they are capable of performing those functions with/without reasonable accommodation.    Essential Function Policy
Comprehensive Assessment
The RN program has integrated a comprehensive assessment plan to evaluate student learning throughout the curriculum. Standardized exams (HESI) are given each semester in selected courses as appropriate. Students are responsible for all costs associated with the plan. The acceptable benchmark for satisfactory performance is 900. Students who fail to meet the benchmark are required to remediate the content using a Faculty Guided (individualized) remediation plan. Students are responsible for completing the remediation plan as developed by faculty by projected completion dates. Standardized test scores may be used in the calculation of the course grade.
Estimated Costs

Students in nursing can anticipate certain necessary expenses.  First of all, the tuition rate is the same as that for other Gadsden State students.  However, nursing students will incur other expenses which are listed below.  The amounts listed are approximations and are subject to change without notice.

Uniforms and small equipment


Liability Insurance (entire program)


Books (entire program) and course packets


Laboratory/Assessment supplies


Nurse’s Pin


NCLEX-RN (application and testing fees)


Pictures (graduation)


Graduation Fee (including gown rental)


Drug Screening/Background check


ELSEVIER fees or other testing systems($100.00 per Semester)


Kaplan Resoures


Health Insurance (if purchased through school; $525/year)
(fee quote for 2 years)

$1050.00 - $1500.00



Annual Physical and Immunizations (depends on needs)



$7000 + Physical/Immunizations


Core Curriculum Classes
Tuition is $136.00 per credit hour

ENG 101


MTH 100


BIO 201


BIO 202


BIO 220


PSY 210


SPH 106


Humanities Elective


ORI 101


Total Credit Hours:


Core curriculum (tuition) =  costs $3,808.00

Nursing Education Classes
Tuition is $136.00 per credit hour (SH)

1st Semester

7 SH


2nd Semester

8 SH


3rd Semester

10 SH


4th Semester

7 SH


5th Semester

7 SH


Nursing curriculum (tuition) costs


Total Program estimated cost: $16,112.00 + Physical/Immunizations
* costs and tuition are subject to change