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Gadsden State Community College


Registration Procedures

In order for a student to be granted credit for a class, the student’s name must appear on the official class roll.  Students registered for a class must receive a grade for that class unless the class is deleted by the college or dropped by the student.  The phrases listed and explained below refer to important elements of the registration process and the status of a registered student:

Late Enrollment – Timely registration for (or enrollment in) a GSCC class means that the student must complete the registration process before the enrollment deadline, which is widely publicized by the College.

Non-Payment of Fees – Students who owe a debt or fee to the college will not be permitted to register until the obligation is satisfied.

Prerequisites and Co-requisites – Prerequisites are other courses or competencies that must be completed or attained before registering for some courses.  Co-requisites refer to other courses that the student must be experiencing simultaneously with the course in question.

Course Load – The student course load for a full-time student at Gadsden State Community College is 12 to 19 credit hours per semester.  Credit hours above 19 semester hours constitute a student overload.  The Dean of Instructional Services must approve a student overload.  No student will be approved for more than 24 semester credit hours in any one semester or term for any reason.

Independent Study – Regularly enrolled students may, during the two semesters immediately preceding graduation from GSCC, participate in two independent study courses, one each semester.  This privilege is available to those students who have been unable to schedule the required course(s) in any other manner.  Students must consult with counselors or advisers prior to registration for an independent study course.  Independent study requires the written approval of both the administrator of the academic area involved and the course instructor.

Schedule Change – After registering for classes, students may make changes in their schedule by adding and/or dropping classes so long as these changes are requested on the proper form(s) before the deadline for add/drop.  Completed add/drop form(s) must be received in the Records Office for processing.