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Examples of Agriculture Careers:

  • Manager: international business, marketing, cooperative extension, production, food service, agribusiness, sales, manufacturing, processing, retailing.
  • Scientist: veterinarian, nutritionist, physicist, chemist, physiologist, environmentalist, microbiologist, economist, geneticist, aquaculturalist.
  • Financial: banks, farm credit, cooperative extension, marketing, appraisal, real estate, insurance, auditors, land management, merchandising.
  • Government: agricultural research, foreign agricultural services, rural development, USDA, Bureau of Land Management, grading/inspection, statistician, soil conservation/Peace Corps/AID, Cooperative Extension Service.
  • Sales: chemical, equipment, packaging, institutional /food, feed/seed, supplies, plant, livestock/poultry, pharmaceuticals, retail.
  • Production: beef/pork/dairy, lamb/horse, forage, poultry, grain, ornamentals, vegetables, fish/seafood, fruits, nuts.
  • Education: college teaching, field representation, communication specialist, cooperative extension, information specialist, graduate school, public relations, consumer education, TV/radio, secondary teaching.
  • Engineering: computer, consulting engineer, manufacturing, design/test, systems maintenance, irrigation/drainage, soil/water conservation, processing, safety engineer, product development.

What Types of Careers and How Much $?

  • Marine Biologist Research (MS or PhD) $30K to $50K
  • Aquaculture Production (AS to BS) $30K
  • Aquaculture Research or Extension (MS or PhD) $30K to $50K
  • Aquaculture Technician or State Biologist Aide (AS) $18k to $34K
  • State Fisheries Biologist (BS or MS) $34K to $45K
  • Aquarist (AS, BS, MS) $20K to $40K