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Zebrafish Workshop

May 24 - 26, 2016

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Zebrafish Online Course

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Earning our stripes and making a

splash with ZEBRAFISH!

Presenting a new online course and hands-on workshop for zebrafish husbandry education. Developed by world experts in zebrafish husbandry, research, and laboratory animal management, the curricula include:

  • Individual access to the four topic modules: Module I: Water Quality, Module II: Systems and Filtration, Module III: Colony Management and Nutrition, and Module IV: Compliance, Facilities and Disease
  • Over 30 lessons; each lesson is scripted and presented by an aquaculture specialist and contains an online quiz to test knowledge
  • 100% of the content in each lesson is created by a group of world experts and peer reviewed for accuracy
  • Each lesson contains the most up-to-date information available and will be updated annually
  • The three-day hands-on workshop will allow participants to gain experience in water quality management, systems maintenance, troubleshooting systems, husbandry techniques, breeding, larviculture, live food production and enrichment, and emergency procedures.

Our Zfish Room:

What's A Zebrafish?

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Sponsored By:

The Zebrafish Husbandry Education

Curriculum Group Is: (in alphabetical order)

Jeff Barry, BS (UAB), Samuel Cartner, DVM, Ph.D. (UAB), Daniel Castranova, MS Aquatic (NIH Charles River Laboratories), Brendan Delbos, MS (Aquaneering Inc.) Susan Farmer, DVM, Ph.D. (UAB), Hugh Hammer, Ph.D. (Gadsden State Community College), Eric Henry, Ph.D. (Reed Mariculture Inc), Eric Herbst, MS (Aquatic Habitats Inc.), Brandie Hiser AS (Gadsden State Community College), Christian Lawrence, MS (Boston Children's Hospital), Christine Lieggi, DVM, DACLAM. (Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Institute), Kayla McCoy, MS (Gadsden State Community College), Mickie Powell, Ph.D. (UAB), George Sanders, DVM, MS (University of Washington School Of Medicine), Erik Sanders, MS (Washington University School of Medicine), Joe Sillitti, BS (Aquatic Solutions, Tecniplast), Bill Trevarrow, Ph.D. (Thoren Aquatics Systems, Inc., Eugene Research Aquatics LLC.), Stephen Watts, Ph.D. (UAB)