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Gadsden State Community College

Biology Department

The Biology department at Gadsden State Community College is dedicated to meeting the individual needs of the student. We offer small class size and the personal attention which can only be afforded within the community college setting. Our faculty is derived from professionals whose experience ranges from field biology to Medical Technology and Nutrition. We have a combined experience of over 80 years in Biological education.

At Gadsden State we offer three different sequences to meet the Biological needs of our students. For those students who are going into a field of study far removed from sciences or health or for those majoring in Biology, another science, Pre-Med, or Secondary Science Education, we offer the Bio 103 and Bio 104 sequence for majors. Most students interested in going into Nursing, Radiological Technology, Medical Lab Technology, or another allied health program will be directed into the Bio 103, Bio 201, Bio 202, and Bio 220 sequence. To assure proper direction into the appropriate sequence it is strongly suggested that the student seek out his or her advisor for the specific field of study in question.

Additionally, the Gadsden State Community College’s Human Gross Anatomy Lab  is the only community college gross anatomy lab in the state of Alabama.  The lab was completed in the Summer of 2008 and was mostly funded by a federal grant awarded to the Gadsden State Science Department in 2007.  The lab offers an opportunity to anatomy/physiology students to experience a once in a lifetime course that they otherwise may never have gotten the opportunity to take.  The lab gives our students a whole new perspective on the human body.  The cadavers that are used in the courses are dissected and studied extensively to gain a better knowledge of the complexities of the human body.  The lab is utilized for our Human Anatomy/Physiology I & II courses for observation only.  We also offer an Honors Biology course that involves cadaver dissection. Policies and Procedures for the Gross Anatomy Lab are carefully monitored and enforced.

The detailed requirements for each of the programs and transfer guides offered through the Division of Science are found in the Gadsden State Catalog and Student Handbook. You may view the college catalog by going to It is recommended that you review the information published in the Catalog, and that you research the STARS program on the Web at to ensure that your planned curriculum will meet the requirements of the four-year college(s) that you may be considering for transfer upon completion of your requirements at Gadsden State.