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Gadsden State Community College

Chemistry Department

The Chemistry department at Gadsden State Community College offers quality chemical training for non-science majors as well as in-depth training to prepare students for professional programs such as Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, and Engineering. Our students who transfer to such programs at major universities historically have competed well, and often excel above native university students. Many prominent professionals in our area and elsewhere had their beginning chemistry education at Gadsden State. Those who maintain contact with us, without exception, state that they were well prepared for the chemistry in their professional programs.

We thoroughly believe that this success is due to the hard work, caring, and individual instruction provided by our faculty. Students generally enter into a beginning chemistry program with great fear and anxiety. Our goal is always to prove to the students that chemistry is no more to be feared than any other specialty. With the help of concerned and dedicated faculty, students learn to overcome this phobia through hard work, study, and successful learning in classroom and laboratory experience. After achieving this confidence, they move on to professional programs knowing they have the chemistry background necessary to excel in their given area. Every student is not privy to a full university education and it is satisfying for us to know that our role is vital for bridging the gap between the community college and a university with quality chemistry education preparing students for the transition.

The detailed requirements for each of the programs and transfer guides offered through the Division of Science are found in the Gadsden State Catalog and Student Handbook. You may view the college catalog by going to It is recommended that you review the information published in the Catalog, and that you research the STARS program on the Web at to ensure that your planned curriculum will meet the requirements of the four-year college(s) that you may be considering for transfer upon completion of your requirements at Gadsden State.