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Service Learning

What Faculty Say...

“Service Learning has become an important part of my MTH 131 and MTH 132. MTH 131 and MTH 132 are courses that help prepare students to teach math in pre-school and elementary school.  Service Learning has allowed students to interact with elementary teachers and students.  All of my students have had very good learning experiences and have been able to apply the things they have learned in class to real life experiences.  Several of my students have enjoyed the experience so much that they have continued to work in the program far above the number of hours that I have required for the course.  Service Learning also plays a big part in helping students to confirm their career choice in the field of education.”

Lynette King, Math Instructor

“Service learning is a wonderful opportunity for students at Gadsden State!  I have offered service learning as a project option for my introduction to sociology students since I became an instructor in 2008.  Service learning is a terrific way to help students experience sociology rather than read about it.  Many of my students get to experience the topics that we cover in class first hand.  Here is an example of one testimony from a student in my class;

‘Service learning has really allowed me to see real life examples that are covered in the sociology book.  I was placed in a school where I saw examples of socialization, deviance, poverty, family, and education.  It was a wonderful experience that I will never forget.’

After my students complete their service learning hours, I have them answer and discuss 20 reflective questions that help them make the connection between sociology and real-life.  It has been my experience that students learn so much more when they are allowed to experience something rather than just read about it or listen to a lecture.  I will continue to offer service learning as an option for my students.  It is my hope that every student that chooses service learning will find it to be a learning experience and, more importantly, a life experience where they are doing something good to help others.” 

Derrick Griffey, Sociology Instructor