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Gadsden State Foundation

Gadsden State Community College

Gadsden State Community College is associated with the Gadsden State Community College Foundation, Incorporated (GSCCF). According to State Board of Education policy governing the establishment of college-related foundations, such organizations are to be incorporated for the sole purpose of undergirding and supporting the educational aims and objectives of the college, and for providing program enrichment resources related to the role and scope of the college.

The Gadsden State Community College Foundation is incorporated under the laws of the State of Alabama for nonprofit organizations. The Foundation Board, appointed by GSCC 's president, is composed of interested members from the College and the service area. The Dean of Economic Development and Governmental Relations supervises on-campus Foundation staff and provides guidance to the Foundation Board. The GSCCF Office maintains documentation describing the relationship between the Foundation and the College. Documents maintained in Foundation files include:

  • Descriptions of GSCCF activities and how these activities relate to the purpose of the College;
  • A current roster of board members of the unit, including institutional personnel and board members who have responsibilities with both the College and GSCCF, whether they are additionally compensated by the GSCCF or not;
  • A copy of the most recent GSCCF financial audit report; and
  • Copies of the charter and bylaws of the GSCCF.

Gadsden State Community College Foundation activities include the award of scholarships based on need and the sponsorship of fund-raising events and projects. All Foundation activities are planned and implemented to support the mission of the College.