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Gadsden State Community College


Institutional Goals

To provide general education that includes basic knowledge of communications,humanities, social sciences, mathematics / natural sciences, and computer skills as required for certificate and degree programs.

To prepare students who transfer to perform successfully at senior institutions.

To provide technical, vocational, and career education that prepares students for immediate employment, retrains existing employees, and promotes local and state work force development initiatives.

To encourage and support the use of current technology to improve the delivery of programs to the citiizens in the institution's service area.

To provide continuing education and personal enrichment opportunities that support life-long learning and civic, social, and cultural quality of life.

To provide business and industry training that meets employer needs.

To provide students of varied backgrounds and abilities with the instructional and support services that will assist them in achieving career and educational goals.

To recognize excellence in student performance, scholarship, and personal achievement.

To establish and maintain partnerships to respond to the needs of special populations within the community, and to use outreach initiatives to seek and encourage those who otherwise might not give serious consideration to postsecondary education.