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The Gadsden State Community College Residence Hall, Fowler Hall, is located on the George Wallace Drive Campus and features semi-private suites with baths. This on-campus facility is convenient to classes and adjacent to the cafeteria and recreation areas.  Fowler Hall is very diverse with its residents, with students from over 20 foreign countries, athletes from around the country, and other residents.

Fowler Hall is a co-ed facility with 53 spaces for female residents and 57 spaces for male residents. Students are housed comfortably two to a suite with a shared bath and sufficient storage space. There are ADA compliant rooms available.  Each room is equipped with a single twin sized bed, desk with chair, refrigerator, free cable television service, and free local telephone service.  Cable Internet service is available in the room and can be purchased from COMCAST.  Residents are allowed a microwave and will need to have the following bed linens: 2 twin sized bed sheets, 1 bed pillow, 1 twin sized bed blanket and a twin sized mattress cover. They may bring other items that will make the room feel like home.  See the link below for “Suggested Supplies for Fowler Hall.”

Fowler Hall has a game room with a pool table, ping pong table, large screen HDTV with a DVD player, and other types of games. A study hall is also provided. In the lobby of Fowler Hall there are four computers that are internet accessible for the residents to do research, home work assignments, and to check their individual e-mails. Fowler Hall has two laundry rooms with two clothes washers and dryers in each. Snack and drink vending machines are also located in Fowler Hall. The Fowler Hall staff maintains the building from 7:00 am until 10:00 pm daily, Monday through Friday. During other hours, Gadsden State Security maintains the dorm.

To live in Fowler Hall, prospective students must have applied for admissions to Gadsden State Community College.  A Residence Hall Application and a deposit of $200 are required in order to be placed on a waiting list for a room.  The student will be notified when a room is available.  At this time the student must pay the dorm fees for the entire semester.  Click below on “Residence Hall Fees” for amounts.  After all fees have been paid, the student is then guaranteed a room for the current or following semester.  Rooms are assigned on a first-paid, first-served basis.  A receipt of payment in full should be presented to the Residence Hall staff to guarantee a room assignment.  Remember, a room is not guaranteed until the dorm fee is paid in full.  Waiting until the last minute to pay the full dorm fee may result in the student not getting a room.

Apartments and other types of housing arrangements are near the campus. Fowler Hall adheres to the 1968 Civil Rights Act regarding discrimination in its facilities.


A cafeteria is located on campus. All students who live in the Residence Hall will also be provided “Meal Cards” so that they may eat in the campus cafeteria.  The cost of the Residence Hall includes the room and three meals a day, five days a week.  Meals are served three times a day, Monday through Friday. The cafeteria is closed on the weekends and holidays. Transportation is provided to the local shopping areas twice a day on the weekends and holidays for those students living in the Residence Hall.  Click here for more information on the cafeteria.



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