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Meal Plans

"Babson Bucks" and "Munch Money"
Q. What is a Reynolds Meal Exchange?

A. A meal exchange allows the student the flexibility to eat a meal at the Crossroads Retail Food Court rather than at the dining hall without having to use Babson Bucks or Munch Money. The student is given certain entrée selections to choose from as well as a side snack and beverage for one of their meal exchanges. Meal exchanges are only given to those students that purchase one of the Resident Student Meal Plans.

Q. What are "Babson Bucks" and "Munch Money"?

A. They are prepaid debits account that allows students and staff to purchase snacks and meals on campus without the need to carry cash. Transaction time at the cash register is half of a traditional cash transaction.

Q. What is the difference?

A. Both are prepaid debit accounts. Babson Bucks come with a resident dining meal plan only. Babson Bucks purchased by meal plan participants to replenish their accounts, will be discounted by 15% for amounts over $100. Munch Money may be purchased by anyone, is not discounted, and may be used in the campus bookstore.

Q. Where can "Babson Bucks" and "Munch Money" be used?

A. Both are accepted in Trim Dining Hall, The Reynolds Center Snack Bar and Gourmet Bean Coffee Bar, and The Cafe in Olin Hall. The Babson Bookstore accepts Munch Money.

Q. Why should you buy "Munch Money"?

A. No more need to carry cash for extra meals or snacks It is the perfect way for parents and students to set aside cash for snacks, casual and meals. Now the perfect way to take a friend or professor out for a meal or cup of coffee

Q. When can a "Munch Money" account be opened and used?

A. You can open or add to an account at any time by cash or check through The Sodexho Services Office in Trim Dining Hall. A minimum deposit of $25.00 is requested. Simply fill out a one-time application available from the Food Service office. Please make checks payable to Sodexho. Additional deposits may be made to replenish your account at any time. The cash balance is maintained in a database, which is accessed by the swipe of your "Babson 1 Card". Please report all lost cards to The Food Service Office. New cards can be made at The 1 Card office in Hollister Hall.

Account deposits are non-refundable. All balances will carry over from fall to Spring Semesters. Moneys remaining on account at the end of Spring Semester DO NOT carry over the summer. Moneys remaining in accounts at the end of Spring Semester will be forfeited. Please contact the Food Service office at 781-239-4283 for more information.


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