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Financial Aid Forms

Requested forms must be printed, completed in their entirety, and submitted to one of the financial aid offices (Gadsden, Cherokee, McClellan or Ayers). All forms are not required for all students. Please access your Self Service Banner to review Financial Aid Student Requirements to determine which forms (if any) are applicable to you. Incomplete documents will be returned to the student for completion. Financial aid cannot be processed until ALL required documentation is received as complete. 

*** Please be certain to choose forms under the correct academic year, based on the FAFSA filed (i.e., 2014-15 and/or 2014-15).

           2013-2014 Forms


Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)               Independent Child Support Paid Verification                       

Independent Verification Worksheet                    Dependent Child Support Paid Verification
Dependent Verification Worksheet                      Independent SNAP Benefits
Independent Certification Form                          Dependent SNAP Benefits
Dependent Certification Form                            Independent HS Completion Status
Independent Loss of Income Form                     Dependent HS Completion Status

Dependent Loss of Income Form                       Unusual Enrollment History Form
Appeal Form                                                    Identity & Statement of Educational Purpose-Submit in Person
Release Form                                                   Identity & Statement of Educational Purpose-By Mail with Notary
Private Student Loan Request/Letter                    IRS Income Tax Transcript Request Process


             2014-2015 Forms

Appeal Form FERPA (Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act) Release Form
Dependent Verification Worksheet Independent Verification Worksheet
Dependent Certification Form (Signature) Independent Certification Form (Signature)
Dependent Child Support Verification Independent Child Support Verification
Dependent SNAP Benefits Independent SNAP Benefits
Dependent Loss of Income Form Independent Loss of Income Form
Dependent Other Untaxed Income Worksheet Independent Other Untaxed Income Worksheet
Identity & Statement of Educational Purpose - Submit in Person Identity & Statement of Educational Purpose - Submit Notarized by Mail
Drug Conviction Worksheet HS Completion Status
IRS Income Tax Transcript Request Process Private Student Loan Request/Letter
Unusual Enrollment History Worksheet NSLDS Instructions