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Veterans Affairs (VA) educational benefits are available to qualified veterans, veterans' dependents, National Guard members, and Reserve members. To receive VA educational benefits, the recipient must be enrolled in an approved program of study. Benefits differ according to the Chapter of VA educational benefits for which the student qualifies. For more information about benefits, visit or contact the Department of Veterans Affairs at 1-888-442-4551.

If you have not applied with VA for educational benefits, you may submit an electronic application online at All new/transfer students to Gadsden State should submit a VA Semester Enrollment form (available below) as part of establishing their Gadsden State VA student file, along with providing a copy of your Certificate of Eligibility letter sent to you by VA indicating approval for benefits. Students transferring to Gadsden State from a prior college who were already approved and receiving VA education benefits should also complete the Request for Change Of Place of Training form below (22-1995 for Veterans, 22-5495 for Dependents/Spouse of Veteran).






You must apply for admission, be admitted to Gadsden State, and enroll in an approved program of study. Disabled veterans attending under VA Vocational Rehabilitation must have a VA approval form 28-1905 on file, from a counselor with the Department of VA, before benefits may be authorized.

Students approved for VA education benefits must notify the Gadsden State School Certifying Official each semester after their registration is complete to request submission of an enrollment certification. Students under Chapters 31 and 33 must also request authorization of tuition, which is based on approved percentage of VA benefit coverage. Enrollment certifications will be submitted online via VA-Once beginning the day after add/drop ends, or as time permits prior to this date.

You are responsible for registering only for courses that are required for your declared major and you must promptly notify the Gadsden State VA Office when dropping or adding classes or when withdrawing from all classes.

Incomplete Grades: “I” (incomplete) is not considered a grade by the VA. VA students having “I” grades will be changed to “F” grades when required coursework is not completed in the prescribed time allotted by the policy outlined under Grade Reports in the “College Regulations” section of the catalog.


Veterans Upward Bound Program

Veterans Upward Bound (VUB) is a program free to eligible veteran participants who have an honorable discharge from any armed forces unit of the United States. VUB provides an array of services to veterans preparing for enrollment in an academic or technical program. Click here to review the VUB webpage, brochure, and newsletter.


Alabama GI Dependents' Scholarship Program

The Alabama G.I. Dependents' Scholarship Program is another possible source of financial assistance for eligible students. This program is administered by the Alabama Department of Veterans Affairs for the benefit of an eligible dependent - a child, a stepchild, a spouse or an unmarried widow(er) - of a disabled veteran (living or deceased) who was a permanent civilian resident of Alabama for a least one year immediately prior to entry into the military service. Special consideration is given to dependents of permanently and totally disabled veterans who are bona fide residents or who were bona fide residents prior to their death. Other categories are dependents of former prisoners of war (POW), dependents of veterans declared missing in action (MIA), and dependents of those who died in service.

Maximum education benefits include tuition (minus fees), required textbooks, and laboratory fees for five standard academic years (10 semesters) or for a prescribed technical course at any state-supported junior or community college, university, or technical school. Remedial coursework is not funded under the Alabama G.I. Dependents' Scholarship Program.

For more information and application procedures click here. You may also receive information and make application through the nearest Veterans Affairs Office located in each Alabama county courthouse.