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Work Orders

According to State Board of Education Policy 710, live work is performed by students, under the supervision of an instructor, as part of their vocational/technical training program.  The work project is for service, repair, or production jobs, related to the instructional program and may be performed in school, or on a job site.  Live work projects are conducted for the education of the student, not as a benefit to the eligible person or organization.  The College must not compete with private industry, or profit from the live work projects.  GSCC programs which perform live work and their location are as follows:


Program Name Instructor's Name Program Name Phone Number
Auto Body Joe Mashburn East Broad (256)549-8617
Auto Body Terry Young Ayers Campus (256)835-5425
Auto Mechanics Gerald Maharry East Broad (256)549-8622
Carpentry Danny Rubrigi Valley Street (256)549-8675
Air Conditioning Eric Campbell Ayers Campus (256)835-5418
Diesel Stephen Steulp Ayers Campus (256)835-5419
Drafting & Design Barry Abernathy Ayers Campus (256)835-5442
Electrical Technology Tony Thrower Ayers Campus (256)835-5441
Furniture Refinishing Keith Vaughn St. Clair Facility (205)467-7946
Machine Tool Steve Caldwell Ayers Campus (256)835-5417
Upholstery Gary Hunt East Broad (256)549-8691
Welding Technology Gary Udaka Ayers Campus (256)835-5426


    If work is needed in a specific department of the school, the Budget Manager may request work to be performed by one of the vocational/technical programs.  A purchase order is not requested when using the work order system.  To request work to be performed, the Budget Manager obtains a Work Order Request form from the Admissions/Business Office on the East Broad Campus, Ayers Business Office, or the shop where the work is to be performed.  The Budget Manager completes this form and submits it to the instructor of the affected program.  The instructor will provide an estimate of the cost of the work to be performed and may also give a projected time of when the work can be done.
Click here for a Work Order Request form.

    The Budget Manager is required to be certain that money is available in the budget to cover the actual cost of the work to be performed.  If the work order charges exceed $200, the amount over $200.00 is charged to the budget at that time.  The minimum charge for a work order is $5.00.

    The Work Order Request form is completed as follows:

  1. give the date the form is completed
  2. provide the budget number that cost is to be charged to on the social security line
  3. provide the name of the department and contact person on the name line
  4. give the building name on the address line
  5. provide the telephone number of the contact person.
If any additional information is required on the Work Order Request form, it will be returned to the Budget Manager for complete information.  When the Work Order Request form is completed, a work order number can be assigned by the Business Office and work can begin as scheduled by the instructor of the program.

    After completion of the job, the Business Office (East Broad Street, George Wallace Drive or Ayers campus) will charge the balance due on the work order to the budget number of the designated department budget and the work can be picked up or delivered.

    The work order policy applies to students, employees, and tax supported/charitable organizations and their employees.  Work performed for an individual must be that individual's personal property.  Work is not to be performed on said property with the intention of reselling the property for the individual's profit.

Please email any comments or questions regarding work orders to Susan Hawkins, Assistant Accountant.