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If a student completely withdraws from all classes before the first official day of classes or during the first three calendar weeks of classes, tuition fees will be refunded as follows:

  • Withdrawal before the first official day of classes - 100% refund of tuition.
  • Withdrawal during the first week of classes---------- 75% refund of net tuition.
  • Withdrawal during the second week of classes------- 50% refund of net tuition.
  • Withdrawal during the third week of classes--------- 25% refund of net tuition.
  • Withdrawal after the close of the third week of classes--------------No Refund.

NOTICE: This refund policy applies to the 16-week semester.  Refunds of tuition for terms of less than 16 weeks, such as the Summer Term, minimesters, and the May-Mester, will reflect a prorated week based on the number of days in the term.

If a student drops one class before the official first day of classes or during the add/ drop period while still registered for one or more classes in that semester/term, a full refund of tuition fees for the dropped class is due.  If a student drops one class after the add/drop period while remaining to be registered for one or more classes, no refund is due.

The first official day of classes is indicated on the college calendar as the day that classes begin for that semester/term.  This day may not be the first day on which all classes begin.  The calendar also indicates the last day to add/drop.

For calculating refunds, a week is defined as seven (7) calendar days.  Net tuition is tuition minus a 5% administrative fee.  The administrative fee is not to exceed $100.00.

 EXCEPTION # 1: If the College deletes one or more of the student's classes, a refund is due for the class(es) deleted.

EXCEPTION # 2: If the student is a member of either the Alabama National Guard or the Reserves and is called to active duty in the time of national crisis, the student may be eligible for a refund.

EXCEPTION # 3: The College has the authority to make exceptions to the refund policy in the event of the student's death or in the event of a family member's death that requires the student to leave school.

This refund policy also applies to residence hall and meal ticket fees.

NOTICE: If the student is participating in a financial aid program, a portion of any refund from GSCC is repaid to that program. For more information, contact the Financial Aid Administrator.

For more information about refunds, visit a GSCC Business office:  George Wallace Drive Campus, Allen Hall, Room 106, (256)549-8612; One Stop Center East Broad, (256)549-8214, (256)549-8216; Ayers Campus, Admin. Bldg., (256)835-5440, 835-5452; or McClellan Center, Room 1214, (256)238-8342.