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Gadsden State Community College

Faculty & Staff

Employee Handbook

Employee Handbook


A   Gadsden State Organizational Charts

B   ADA Accommodation Request

C   Student Records Access Form

D   Title IX Harassment/Discrimination Grievance Reports

E   Classification of Personnel (Salary Schedules)

F   Contracts of Employment

G   Certification of Part-time Faculty Credentials and Qualifications

H   Flexible Work Schedule Policy for Public Service

I   Professional Growth Plan (Full-time Faculty)

J   Faculty Qualifications (Teaching Discipline Group Assignments)

K   Classification System and Criteria for Advancement

L   Application for Reclassification

M   Time Sheet

N   Evaluations

O   Tuition Waiver Application

P   Leave Request Form

Q   Leave Request (School Business)

R   Application for Salary Continuation for Absence Due to Job-Related Injury

S   Sick Leave Enrollment Form/Application for Loan/Catastrophic Leave Transfer Request

T   In-State Travel Forms and Reimbursement

U   Out of State Travel Request Forms and Reimbursement

V   Copyrighted Material, Request for Permitted Use of

W   Syllabus Model

X   Work Order Request

Y   Textbook Request

Z   Printing/Duplication Request

AA   Asset Sign-Out Form

BB   Report of Missing Equipment

CC   Equipment/Furniture Transfer Form

DD   Surplus Property Sale Form

EE   Field Trip Release Forms

FF   Fund-Raising Activity Request Form

GG   Budget Revision Request

HH   Purchase Order

II   Interdepartmental Transfer (GSCC Bookstore)

JJ   Petty Cash Voucher

KK   Flexible Work Schedule Log

LL   Family Relationship Disclosure Form

MM   Procedure for Managing Potential Conflicts of Interests

NN   Private Transportation Release Consent Form

PP Volunteer

OO   Employee Rights and Responsibilities Under the Family and Medical Leave Act