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Gadsden State Community College

Financial Services

Balance Sheet Payments and Revenue Refunds

  Payments made with money deposited into a specific balance sheet code and refunds paid from a revenue code are not made with purchase orders.  The payment or refund is made from the balance sheet code or revenue code.

    To request payment from a balance sheet code or a refund from a revenue code, provide the Accounts Payable Office with the following information that applies to the situation:

  1. From whom was the money collected.
  2. When was the money collected.
  3. For what purpose was the money collected.
  4. What transaction code was used while collecting money.
  5. For what period of time is the payment to cover.
  6. What was the total amount collected and what is the total amount to be paid.
  7. To what vendor is payment to be made.  Provide the vendor name, address, and vendor number.
  8. What balance sheet code or revenue code is payment to be made from.
The Budget Manager signs the paperwork in order to authorize payment.  The paperwork can be sent to the Accounts Payable Office for payment.

    If paperwork is to be mailed with the check, paper clip the paperwork to the face of the request when forwarding it to the Accounts Payable Office for payment.  The paperwork will be forwarded to the Business Office who will mail the paperwork with the check.

    Complete documentation is required to insure that the Accounts Payable Office has required documentation for payments made.  If you frequently request payments from balance sheet codes or revenue codes, you may request the Accounts Payable Office make a form personalized for your use.  When completed, the form will provide all the needed documentation.