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Gadsden State Community College

Financial Services

Budget Procedure

GSCC's internal budgeting system serves two purposes.  The first is to set guidelines for annual expenditures in cost centers (called budget units) under the control of the manager for the area (called Budget Manager).  The second is to serve as the foundation for the annual budget submitted to the State Board of Education.

    The budgeting process begins in March for the fiscal year beginning the following October 1.  Budget requests and budget guidelines are sent to each Budget Manager.  Normally, a listing of employees assigned to each area with the projected salary for each employee is also included in the budget package.
Budget Guidelines for the 2007-2008 budget requests.

    Budget Managers are responsible for insuring that each employee is included in the budget at the correct salary.  If changes to the employee's salary are made during the year, the Budget Manager should make sure that the changes are incorporated into the budget before the employee's contract is processed.

    The Budget Manager keys the budget request for each budget unit into the computer system as follows:

  1. Key BU01 after signing on.  The Budget Maintenance screen will appear.
  2. Key 4.
  3. Tab once.
  4. Key the applicable ten-digit budget number.
  5. Press enter.
  6. Key the requested budget amount for each object code.  After each amount is typed, press the "end" key to clear any zeroes or spaces remaining in the field.  Use the "up" or "down" arrow keys or the "return" key to move between lines in the PROJECTED column.

  7. Click here for a detailed object code listing.
  8. Press enter to update.  A total figure will appear in the lower right corner of the screen.  Please check this total against the total on the hard copy of the budget request.
  9. If a budget request is to be made for an object code that does not exist in a budget unit, please contact the Director of Financial Services.
    The budget requests are forwarded to the applicable Cabinet Member as noted in the budget guidelines.  Those individuals reporting directly to the President should forward the budget requests to the President's Office.

    The Cabinet Member will verify salaries and approve the budget requests for each area.  The budget requests will then be forwarded to the Director of Financial Services.

    The Director of Financial Services will verify salary and benefits amounts for each budget unit.  Additionally, she will key the revenue estimates into the system and request budget reports to reflect the anticipated overage or shortage.  The President and Cabinet Members will then meet to make the necessary changes to the budget requests.

    When the internal budget is complete, the figures are transferred to a format accepted by the Department of Postsecondary Education (DPE) and sent for State Board of Education approval.  GSCC is required by DPE to operate within this budget.  Any request made to the State Board of Education during the year must be supported by the budget.  For example, if a request to purchase $80,000 of welding equipment using federal vocation funds is sent to DPE, the budget must reflect a federal vocation grant of at least $80,000.  Budget revisions may be requested through DPE if changes are required during the year.

    Projected budgets are on-line when access is allowed to the computer system in October.

    Budget revisions can be requested using a Budget Revision Request Form.
Click here for more budget revision information.