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Gadsden State Community College

Financial Services

Budget Revisions

Budgets are changed by completing a Budget Revision Request and forwarding it to the Director of Financial Services to be processed.

     Follow these general guidelines when completing a budget revision request:

  1. All the required information should be completed on the form.
  2. Each eight line budget revision request form is self balancing.
  3. Do not send in a two-page request since only a one page budget revision can be entered into the computer system.
  4. Budget revision requests are made in whole dollars unless for a grant account.
  5. Money can be moved among object codes 600 - 700 with the exception of 660 and 690.
  6. To decrease 660 (purchases for resale) and 690 (internal duplication), the Cabinet Member must sign the request.
  7. Budget revisions including salary and benefit object codes (500's):
    1. When revising salaries, also revise the applicable benefits--FICA, retirement and insurance.
    2. Provide a justification when requesting salary revisions.  For example:  an employee is transferred to another division, her position is vacant and the Budget Manager is requesting funds be transferred from 505 to 506 in order pay an hourly worker until the position is filled.
    3. The Cabinet Member must sign a budget revision request involving salaries.  If the Budget Manager reports directly to the President, the President is to sign the budget revision request.
  8. A revision to a grant account must be approved by the Department of Institutional Advancement and Community Services Department.
  9. The Budget Manager signs the request.
       A sample budget revision request is provided to assist you in completing the form.

Click here for a Budget Revision Request Form.