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Duplication Center

Departmental Copiers


    To meet the duplication and materials needs of the faculty, staff, and administration the College operates the Duplication Center under the supervision of the Associate Dean of Library Services.  The Duplication Center is located in Meadows Library, room 110, on the George Wallace Drive Campus.  The Duplication Center is organized and operated to provide quality service using the most efficient means at the least possible cost.


    In order for the Duplication Center to provide necessary service, the following guidelines or procedures must be followed:

  1. Only materials which support instructional or administrative needs at GSCC will be duplicated or reproduced.  Users must pay a nominal charge for personal copying.
  2. Drop off  print jobs at the counter (Room 110).  Put the department or staff name on the folder or envelope in which you send the work.
  3. Print jobs must indicate the department and budget number to be charged and instructions (number of copies, stapled, color, back and front, etc.)  Unless specifically requested in writing, copies will be printed front and back in order to save paper.
  4. When sending work via the campus network, use printing properties to provide the budget number and other information.  Call 8414 for further information about sending documents across the campus network.
  5. Inform the staff when the print job involves exams or confidential information.  These items should not be left on the counter.
  6. The user must provide a clear, dark master copy.
  7. To get materials duplicated or copied on time, users must get materials into the Duplication Center in advance.  The center will operate on a first come, first served basis.  The following schedule is observed:
    1. "While you wait" service on already prepared copy of short runs
    2. Twenty-four hours for long runs
    3. During examination periods (mid-terms, finals), the above schedule may be adjusted to a longer time period.
  8. The Duplication Center will collate, sort and staple runs of various quantities.
  9. Equipment will be operated by the Duplication Center staff only.  No exceptions.
  10. Paper (except colored paper) will be provided by the Duplication Center.
  11. A schedule of the hours of operation is posted on the Duplication Center door.  In order to provide security for your tests and other materials, no one will have access to the Duplication Center at times other than those posted.  If you need to pick up your copies after 6:00 p.m., please write this on your duplication request.  You may then pick up your copies at the Meadows Library Circulation Desk.
    Regular operation hours are as follows:
    Monday - Thursday
    Closed during Lunch
    7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
    7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
    12:30 p.m. - 1:30 p.m.
  12. Copyright regulations relative to the copying of materials must be followed.  If copyrighted permission is required, the person requesting copying must obtain the necessary copyright permission and furnish proof of this permission to the Duplication Center in writing.
  13. Please communicate with departmental secretarial/clerical staff.  They have access to the campus network and memoranda.  As a result, they are usually aware of Duplication Center closing and technical difficulties.
  14. Pick up print jobs at the counter (Room 110).  Make sure the person picking up the work knows what identification system you are using, especially if you are sending student workers.  To prevent possible loss of materials, do not pick up duplication jobs intended for other departments or look through other completed jobs or folders on the counter.  Do not send students to pick up exams or confidential information.

    The department requesting duplication service will be charged for the number of copies run.  Departments are charged four cents for each copy.  Additional charges are made for stapling.

    Budgets are charged for duplication services around the tenth of each month for the previous month's use (except for September's usage which is charged during the month of September due to year-end cut off).  Employees requesting services should insure that funds are available in the budget before items are duplicated.  Grant Managers should notify the Restricted Funds Accountant to charge duplication services before the end of the month in which the grant ends.


    Use the Duplication Center for all copy runs of more than 20 pages.  Copies made at copiers in other locations on campus cost double the rate that the Duplication Center charges.

    Be conservative, curtail extensive handouts.  Consider other ways of distributing materials to students.  Lengthy handouts can be duplicated and sold through the campus bookstore.  Instructional material can be uploaded to departmental web pages or placed on Reserve in the library.

Departmental Copiers

Many walk-up copiers in the departments are included on the IKON contract.  An IKON representative services and cleans the machines, changes the toners and records copy counts.

    Departmental budgets are currently charged eight cents per copy. 

   Merichelle Dunlap is the current representative and may be reached at 549-8414.