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Financial Services

Leave Reports

When an employee requests leave, the employee must complete a Leave Request Form .  The form is signed by both the employee and the supervisor, and is kept by the supervisor for reporting on the Monthly Leave Report.  It is recommend that leave request forms documenting leave reported for the month be kept with the area's carbon copy of the Leave Report for auditing purposes.

    Leave Reports are hand mailed to Budget Managers with Confirmation Reports (around the 15th of each month.)  The Budget Manager records leave taken by all employees listed on the report.  Leave taken from the 16th of each month through the 15th of the following month is recorded on the Leave Report (other dates may be given on the on the Interoffice Memo attached.)  The employees listed on the Leave Report sign for the number of hours recorded verifying that it is correct.  The leave report must be signed by the proper administrators and returned to the Payroll Office by the time and date indicated on the Interoffice Memo which is attached.

    The following is an example of a Leave Report:

                                                                        GADSDEN STATE COMMUNITY COLLEGE                                 DATE                                           PAGE
INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY                              EMPLOYEE LEAVE REPORT                                         11 13 2000                                            4
FOR PERIOD 10 21 2000 THROUGH 11 20 2000

EMPLOYEE NAME           SOC. SEC. --------LEAVE USED THIS PERIOD---------  --USED TO DATE --     A.L.     S.L.     PER        EMPLOYEE
NUMBER     A.L.       S.L.      PER       PROF     EMER           A.L.    S.L.            BAL    BAL     BAL       SIGNATURE

JOHNSON BOBBY   GS   111 22 3333                 8                                                            8.00                       24.00      32.00   16.00 _____________

CLEMMONS JOHN AN  222 33 4444                                                16               4            2.00                      54.00      48.00   16.00 _____________

SMITH ANGELA      GS  333 44 5555      12                                                                                    8.00         150.00    300.00   16.00 _____________

                                                 I HAVE EXAMINED THE ABOVE REPORT FOR ACCURACY
AND BELIEVE IT TO BE CORRECT EXCEPT AS NOTED.                     SIGNED_______________________




The areas in blue are where information may be added and where signatures are required.