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Out-of-State Travel Reimbursement

Out-of-State Travel Reimbursement Forms are paid as soon as the trip is complete, the Reimbursement Form is correctly completed, and the required paperwork is provided.  If the form is not completed correctly or paperwork is missing, the Accounts Payable Office will contact the traveler and inform them of any issues delaying their reimbursment.

    To request reimbursement of out-of-state travel expenses, send to the Accounts Payable Office (1) the approved Request for Out-of-State Travel, (2) completed Out-of-State Travel Reimbursement Form, and (3) original receipts.  Receipts must be provided by the business, list what was purchased, and show the amount that was paid in order to be reimbursed.

    The Request for Out-of-State Travel lists the amounts approved for travel expenses.  The total amount expended for a trip cannot exceed the total amount approved for the trip by more than 10%.

NOTE:  The Out-of-State Travel Reimbursement Form consist of TWO PAGES as follows:
Out-of-State Travel Reimbursement Form.

    The Out-of-State Travel Reimbursement Form is completed as follows:

1.    Write the dates and times of travel on the back of the form.

2.    List on the back of the form the following expenses if applicable:

Transportation - Write miles driven to destinations and return.  Current map mileage must be used where mileage is given on the road map.  Otherwise, odometer readings should be recorded at the beginning  and ending of the trip.  All vicinity mileage should be recorded as such, and if it exceeds more than twenty miles on any day, indicate major points of travel covered.  Reimbursement at the rate of 54 cents per mile is paid to employees traveling by private car at State expense.  Write the amount of mileage reimbursement requested.  

Some exceptions to consider when claiming mileage reimbursement:

  • In the case of the traveler driving a great distance, if the current airfare rate is cheaper than the amount of mileage requested, the current airfare rate is paid.
  • A traveler is paid mileage for travel from their home to their destination or from their official base to their destination, whichever is less. The traveler is paid for their actual mileage and is not paid for mileage to their official base.
  • If during travel, there is an interruption of travel or deviation from the direct route due to the traveler's personal reasons, the mileage allowed will not exceed that which would have been incurred on uninterrupted travel by the most economical usually traveled route.
    Click here for a list of frequently traveled destinations and the mileage from the Gadsden Campus.
    Airfare is reimbursed--a paid receipt is required to be attached.

Meals - For meal reimbursement, the daily cap on meals as established by the State ofAlabama Comptroller shall be presumed to be necessary and reasonable. Todetermine the daily meal cap, enter the city and state of your destination as instructed at this link: The individual meal caps are provided, but the “M&IE Total” is your daily cap. This total cap includes all taxes and tips associated with your meals. If a meal is provided by a conference or other host, the dollar amount of that individual meal shall be deducted from your daily cap. A daily meal cost that exceeds the total daily cap limit will not be reimbursed without written justification by the traveler that explains why the cost is necessary and reasonable, and is approved by the president of the institution. This documentation must be retained with the travel reimbursement request. A copy of the meal cap calculation must also be submitted with each travel and reimbursement request.

Meals should be added to check daily totals. Original detailed meal receipts produced by the restaurant are required.  Meal receipts are to include:
1.  Name and Location of Restaurant
2.  Number of People Served*
3.  Date and Amount of Meal
4.  Receipt lists food and drink items purchased
*State of Alabama policies allow for reimbursement of only the person in travel status.
Money spent for alcoholic beverages is not reimbursed.  Tips are reimbursed when added with the price of the meal.  Tax is reimbursed.

Room - Room fee and taxes associated with the fee are reimbursed.  An original itemized receipt of paid expenses is required to be attached.  Movies watched and charged to the room are not reimbursed.  If nights stayed for business purposes exceed the number approved and the expense does not exceed the amount approved, the extra nights can be reimbursed. Room receipt is to show payment.

Postage, Telephone, Telegraph and Email - Reimbursed only if business related.  Please write on the reimbursement form "Business Related."  Phone calls made to home are not reimbursed.  A receipt is required to be attached.

Miscellaneous Items - Miscellaneous items include car rental, parking fees, taxi fares, and registration fees.  Receipts are required for these items.  Baggage handling or portage fees should be itemized on the appropriate date in the miscellaneous section of the claim for reimbursement.   All receipts are to be produced by the business, not the traveler.

3.  Tape the original, itemized receipts for one day's travel to one blank sheet of paper so that each receipt is clearly visible. Do this for each day of travel.  Do not tape over print on receipts.  This will damage the receipts.   Do not mark or use a highlighter pen on receipts.  This will damage the receipts.   Attach the papers--with the original, itemized receipts taped to them--to the Out-of-State Travel Reimbursement Form.

4.  Transfer the totals of the items listed on the back of the out-of-state travel reimbursement form to the front of the Out-of-State Travel Reimbursement Form.

5.  Write the total amount of reimbursement requested.

6.  Write the department and the division.

7.  Write the payee, G Number, address and county.  If the traveler does not have a G Number, submit a vendor number request to the Purchasing Agent .  Provide the Purchasing Agent with (1) the traveler's name, (2) address to which travel checks are to be mailed and (3) traveler's social security number.

8.  The form is signed by the traveler.

9.  Write the budget number.

10.  The Budget Manager confirms that there is money in the budget to cover the amount requested.

11.  The Budget Manager signs showing approval of the amount to be paid.  If the Budget Manager is the traveler, the Supervisor signs.


An employee's registration fee can be paid by either of the following methods:  (1) the vendor can accept a purchase order and be paid after the meeting is held or (2) the traveler can pay the registration fee and be reimbursed by use of the out-of-state travel reimbursement form, (3) the traveler can request pre-payment of registration fees on the out-of-state travel approval form.


    If the College pays for your airfare by purchase order and frequent flier miles are awarded, they are the property of the College.