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Gadsden State Community College

Financial Services

Purchase Order Form and Distribution


    There are two pages of a purchase order.  On each page, an information section is provided in the bottom left-hand corner.  Different instructions are given on each page of the purchase order.  The instructions provided on the purchase order page is intended for the person who is to receive that particular page of the purchase order.  For example:  the vendor page provides instructions intended for the vendor to read and follow.

    The instructions to vendors (provided on the vendor page of the purchase order) are as follows:

  • Gadsden State Community College reserves the right to refuse or return shipment unless instructions on this purchase order are followed.
  • Purchase order number must be shown on all correspondence, shipping notices, packing slips, cartons, and invoice.
  • All original invoices must be directed to Accounts Payable.
  • Each purchase order must be invoiced separately.
  • All shipments must be accompanied by itemized packing slips.
  • State institution:  Tax Exempt #28-8169.
  • Any changes in stated prices or quantities, must be approved in writing by the Purchasing Agent before order is shipped.
  •     The instructions to Budget Managers (provided on the master page of the purchase order) are as follows:
    • To approve payment, PO must be signed by Budget Manger after receipt and verification of merchandise.
    • Justification form is required if the approved PO date is after the invoice date or if the invoice amount exceed the PO amount, any necessary budget amendments must be made before overages can be paid.
    • All purchases must be paid within the fiscal year that the purchase/service was performed.
    • Only original invoices can be paid.  No copies or faxes will be accepted.



        The vendor copy of the purchase order is sent to the vendor.  The date the purchase order is sent is noted in the email sent to the budget manager along with the pdf copy of the purchase order.

  • If (A), A or ATTACHMENT is entered in the description at the time the requisition was entered into the purchasing system, the vendor copy of the purchase order is not sent to the vendor by the purchasing agent.
  •     The master copy of the purchase order is the copy to be signed after the Budget Manager can certify that the goods have been received in good order and are approved for payment in accordance with state and federal regulations.  At that time, the Budget Manager can process the purchase order for payment. The Budget Manager should print a copy of the purchase order to keep it on file.
    Click here for purchase order payment procedures.