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Prepayment of travel expenses is defined as payments made directly to the vendor on behalf of an employee.  Out-of-state travel expenses which may be prepaid by the College are airfare and registration fees.  The following guidelines are to be followed:

  1. Prepayment is not to be made directly to the traveler.
  2. No prepayment of expenses will be made from one fiscal year's funds if the trip is to be made in a different fiscal year.  Payment must be processed in the fiscal year the trip occurs.
  3. In the event the trip is not made due to personal, professional, or business reasons, any prepayment of travel expenses made on behalf of an employee should be reimbursed to the College.
  4. Authorization for prepaid travel expenses should be withheld from any compensation due the employee that has been paid and the trip not made because of termination of services.
    A traveler may requests airfare and/or registration fees be prepaid by the College by including the request when completing the Request for Out-of State Travel.  Once the Request for Out-of State Travel is completed by the traveler, it is forwarded for approval.
Click here for Request for Out-of-State Travel information.

    Once the traveler obtains an approved Request for Out-of-State Travel, the Budget Manager can enter a request for a purchase order on the computer system.  A copy of the approved Request for Out-of-State Travel is to be forwarded to the Purchasing Agent at the time the requisition is entered.
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    In order for the Accounts Payable Office to prepay expenses, the Budget Manager forwards the following to the Accounts Payable Office:

  1. The signed receiving copy (yellow copy) of the purchase order.
  2. An original invoice for the fee.
  3. A copy of the approved Request for Out-of-State Travel.
Once theses items are forwarded to the Accounts Payable Office, they may be paid.

    As soon as the traveler returns from the trip, the traveler is to deliver to the Accounts Payable Office a receipt for the registration fee paid and/or a boarding pass (or some other document) showing that the conference/flight did take place.