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Financial Services

Purchase Order Amendments

A purchase order can be amended under the following circumstances:

  1. A purchase order can be amended to reflect cost increases before the purchase order has been mailed or faxed to the vendor.
  2. Once the vendor receives a purchase order, the vendor may call the Purchasing Agent and state that the prices given on the purchase order are incorrect.  The Purchasing Agent notifies the Budget Manager of the information.  If the merchandise has not been shipped, the purchase order can be amended to reflect cost increases.  In order for the purchase order to be amended, the Budget Manager must approve the amendment and send verification to the Purchasing Agent that there are funds available in the budget to cover the additional cost.
  3. A purchase order can be amended to reflect items ordered that the vendor has stated they will not be able to provide.  When the amendment is processed, the encumbrance is removed from the money so it may be used for other purposes.  Purchase orders are amended down only when there is an immediate need for the funds that would be made available.

  4. Another way to remove the encumbrance is to forward the purchase order to the Accounts Payable Office for complete payment when the vendor has filled what they can of the order.  When the purchase order is paid complete, any encumbered funds not paid (expended) are returned to the budget.
    If the purchase order is not sent for complete payment, funds will remain encumbered.  To make the encumbered funds available for use, request the purchase order be amended.
    To request a purchase order amendment, contact the Purchasing Agent.  Purchase order amendment information is noted in the comments section of the purchase order by the Purchasing Agent.