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Gadsden State Community College

Financial Services

State Owned Vehicle Use

Transportation Request Procedures

  1. Contact Tim Heard, Transportation Manager, Main Campus at (256) 549-8613, e-mail (
  2. All GSCC vehicles will be picked up and returned to the Safety and Security Office located on the East Broad Campus.
  3. Upon return of GSCC-owned vehicles, drivers must ensure that the vehicle is refueled, all trash is removed, any mechanical related problems are reported, and all fuel and maintenance receipts are turned in to the Transportation Manager.
Bus Transportation Policy

The following policies have been developed for passengers on the college bus. They are not intended to be excessively restrictive, but are designed for all passengers to share in keeping the bus clean, to follow good safety practices, and to be respectful of fellow passengers.

Those with authority to enforce the policies are coaches, assistant coaches, bus driver, and any other college officials. When asked by one of these individuals to modify unwanted behavior, immediate compliance is expected. Failure to do so will constitute a disciplinary situation.

Please read, be aware of, and follow the following policies that apply to travel on the college bus.
  1. No travel bags are allowed inside the coach portion of the bus. Travel bags should be placed in the storage compartments beneath the bus. Nothing is to be placed in the overhead compartments larger than a book bag.
  2. After athletic events, no athlete should board the bus wearing a dirty uniform. Please shower (if available) and change clothes before boarding. Even sweat pants over the athletic uniform will protect the bus seating. If showers are not available, it is the responsibility of each team to take measures to protect the seats.
  3. Passengers engaging in water sport activities must be dry before boarding the bus. Hair and clothes must be dry.
  4. No cleats inside the coach.
  5. The only drinks allowed on board must have screw-on caps. No cans or open cups are allowed.
  6. Gum and candy are not allowed.
  7. Tobacco products are not allowed.
  8. All passengers must be seated at all times when the bus is in motion.
  9. No standing in the seats or draping legs over armrests.
  10. Earphones must be worn when listening to music; no loud music.
  11. When exiting the bus, clean your space and place refuse in the trash bag that will be provided.
  12. The toilet located in the back of the bus is for urination only.
  13. A Passenger Manifest must be completed and left with an on-shift security officer (312-2132) before departing the campus.
Passenger Manifest From

The bus will be inspected by the Transportation Manager upon return. Noncompliance with the above policies will be reported to the appropriate cabinet member.

Thank you for your cooperation.
Fuel Procedures

Please review the below listed guidelines on fuel purchases and usage:
  1. All school vehicles have a Wright Express card assigned and should be used for only that vehicle. You must have a PIN number assigned to you by Officer Heard to use these cards.
  2. Never allow another person to use your PIN number.
  3. Out-of-town trips must be planned ahead of time in order for us to locate Wright Express stations on your route or arrange for you to put on a purchase order and use another credit card. Fuel purchased on the school card or by cash purchase will come out of your budget.
  4. Only regular grade fuel can be purchased unless pre-approved by our office in writing.
  5. Fuel purchased for use in mowers, weed eaters, blowers, or other special equipment must be purchased on a miscellaneous card issued by the Transportation Manager and a record maintained by the user for audit purchases.
  6. Fuel purchased for rental vehicles should be purchased on a miscellaneous card or purchase order/school card.
  7. An accurate odometer reading must be recorded for each Wright Express or other credit card purchase.
The bottom line, all fuel will be purchased using a Wright Express card unless there is no Wright Express station available. This system ins working well and gives us good accountability.

Any exception to these procedures must have prior approval from the Director of Physical Plant.

As always, please call if you have any questions and plan your trips with us ahead of time.