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Gadsden State Community College



English Department

Gadsden States's program in English encourages students to discover the pleasures and values of the written word. The program introduces students to the works of major writers and interesting writers who have not yet attained that status. The program also provides a close look at the ways in which good writing gains its power.

The English curriculum emphasizes historical development by providing survey courses in American, British, and World literature and in each era of literature in English. The curriculum also allows study of individual authors and offers courses in special topics, themes, and several genres in world literature.

Foreign Languages Department

The study of foreign languages is an integral part of a liberal arts education. It gives students a means of breaking through the barrier of a single speech and culture pattern and provides an encounter with some of the world’s great literatures, cultural traditions, and social models. It is also invaluable for those seeking careers in business and commerce, civil service, education, international affairs, media, social services, law enforcement, and scholarly research.

Speech Department

This speech department has several major areas of study, including organizational and group communication, interpersonal and family communication, political communication, rhetoric and public discourse, communication in cultural contexts, and mass communication.