An Important Message about Credit Card Transactions

Why is my card being DECLINED? Please note a “declined” transaction on your purchase is the result of one of two reasons:

1. Your bank has declined your card due to insufficient funds. If you feel this reason has been issued in error you will need to contact your bank to verify your account information.

2. Your Card was flagged with an Address Verification System (AVS) Mismatch and our credit card processing system has “denied” your transaction. An AVS Mismatch is the result of an inconsistency in the billing address associated with the credit card, (the billing address your credit card company or bank has on file) and the billing address information you have provided in the checkout process.

Please be aware that if your card was “declined” per and AVS Mismatch, your bank has still approved you for the purchase, pending confirmation by us. If you were declined, our system will automatically reject the confirmation, and the pending charges should be released by your bank in a matter of days. This process is a solely a bank procedure and not within our control. We are not permitted to contact banking institutions to request the release of a pending/held charges.

Note: If you have been declined due to an AVS Mismatch we strongly suggest that you verify your billing information with your bank before attempting a new purchase through as each attempt may still be approved by your bank, pending our confirmation and affect the available balance of your account.
Please note in order for your purchase to be approved, your Billing Street Address and Zip Code must match your address on your credit card statement.

How to Buy Tickets:

  • Buy Online at with no extra convenience fees. You can purchase tickets online until two hours before any event.
  • Buy at the Hardin Center for Cultural Arts at 501 Broad Street in Historic Downtown Gadsden. Monday-Friday from 10:00AM until 4:00PM
  • Buy by phone by calling 256-543-ARTS. Monday-Friday from 10:00AM until 4:00PM. $1.00 per order fee applies.
  • Buy at the Wallace Hall Fine Arts Center Box Office beginning one hour prior to each performance. Advance purchasing not available.

Important Policies:

  • Patrons purchasing tickets online must use their correct billing address with correct zip code. Please read this important statement about credit card transactions.
    No refunds or exchanges on any purchase.
  • All ages must have a ticket for admission including infants.
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