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Accounting Technology

A.A.S. This program is designed to prepare the student for employment in the accounting field. Specific specialties include General Accounting, Payroll, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Cost Accounting Clerk, Computerized Accounting and Tax Preparer. Students are also well equipped for transfer opportunities to four-year institutions.

Computerized Accounting Specialist

Certificate This is a concentrated study of accounting designed for students to acquire the essential skills for an entry-level job in a computerized accounting setting.

Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Technology

A.A.S. and Certificate ACR technicians work on systems that control the temperature, humidity, and air quality of enclosed environments. They usually assist engineering personnel and often specialize in one phase such as refrigeration, balancing heating, cooling, and ventilating systems to meet total performance standards in building designs.

Child Development

A.A.S. Degree
26 hour Short Certificate

Associate degree program requires a high school diploma or GED.  The program educates students to effectively meet the individual needs of preschoolers, plan creative curriculum, and maintain a safe and healthy environment in the child care setting.
The Short Certificate program does not require a high school diploma or GED. The program educates students to work with children in developmentally appropriate ways.

Computer Science

    Computer Science

    Computer Software Engineering

    Computer & Information Science

    Management Information Science

A.S. Degree
This program is designed for students who plan to complete a baccalaureate degree in preparation for work in a computer related field.

Computer Science Technology

    Programming & E-Commerce

    Network Administration

A.A.S. Degree This program is designed to prepare students for employment in programming, network administration, or other areas of computer science.

Computer Science Technology

    Business Computing Technician

    Web Page Technician

    Microcomputer Repair Technician

Certificate <=26
These programs prepare students to work in an office environment where computer skills are required, design web pages, or repair and build microcomputers.


Certificate General Cosmetology, Nail Technology, Esthetics Technology (Skin Care Specialist), Instructor Training

Diesel Mechanics Technology

Certificate This program is designed to prepare the student for entry-level employment in the field of Diesel Mechanics. Each student receives training in each of the systems utilized by diesel-powered and gas-powered equipment. Diesel mechanics repair and maintain machines such as farm equipment, automobiles, buses, trucks, railroad equipment, generators, and construction equipment.

Drafting and Design Technology

A.A.S. This program teaches students how to translate data and sketches of architects, engineers, and scientists into detailed drawings. These drawings are used in the manufacturing and construction fields.

Electrical Technology


Electronic Engineering Technologies

    Industrial Electronics

    Electronic Communications

    Network Communications


A.A.S./Certificate Students in Electronics Engineering Technology learn and apply skills in electronics including DC and AC circuits, Ohm's Law, Solid State Devices and Digital Electronics. Students will learn to build, test and repair electronic circuitry in these classes, as well as to use modern electronic test instruments. Specializations allow graduates to work in the field of Industrial Electronics (manufacturing), as Test Technicians, as assistants to Electrical Engineers and in a variety of other rewarding, challenging and well-paying careers. Cooperative education opportunities exist which allow students to develop skills while getting course credit in a variety of local industries. Students regularly compete in State and National Skills-USA competitions, and have garnered awards at each; these competitions demonstrate the high levels of achievement which Gadsden State Electronic Technology students regular attain.

General Studies

A.S. This major offers the equivalent of the first two years in a four-year bachelor of arts or bachelor of science major. The curriculum is flexible—students select courses based on the requirements of the four-year college to which they plan to transfer. (We recommend that students identify the college to which they plan to transfer as soon as possible.) A faculty advisor works with each student to design a course sequence that best meets the student’s educational plan.

Machine Tool

A.A.S./Certificate This program prepares students for entry-level employment and advancement in this occupational field. The program offers a proper blend of classroom theory and laboratory experience.

Practical Nursing

Certificate This program, which is approved by the Alabama Board of Nursing, is a three-semester Certificate program that prepares students in the theoretical and clinical practice of basic bedside nursing. Upon satisfactory completion of the program, graduates are eligible to write the National Council Licensure Examination for Practical Nurses (NCLEX-PN). After passing the examination, graduates will carry the title "Licensed Practical Nurse."

Office Administration Technology
(Office Assistant)

A.A.S. Degree This program is designed to provide proficiency in the applications of microcomputers for a variety of business and industry needs for either the first-time user or returning professional.

Office Administration Technology

A.A.S. Degree This program is designed to prepare students to seek employment in a variety of medical settings including coder or a self-employed transcriptionist. Working for physicians or other health care professionals, medical assistants are responsible for the accurate and timely completion of medical records, including history and physicals, consultations, operative reports, discharge summaries, pathology reports, radiology reports, chart notes, correspondence, and coding insurance forms.

Surgical/Operating Room Technician

Certificate This program is designed to prepare students for entry-level employment in the Operating Room, as well as the physician's office or central supply areas.

Therapeutic Massage

Certificate This therapeutic massage program is the first to be offered at a public school. Our program prepares students for a wide range of jobs in the job market including spas, health clubs, working with physicians and chiropractors, aboard cruise ships and more. This is a fast-growing field as more and more of the public becomes educated to the therapeutic benefits of massage. Our students are fine tuning their skills with clinics offered during the week. The success of this program speaks well of the students who all have graduated and passed the National Certification Board.

Welding Technology

Certificate This program provides training in the art of joining several metals. Training is provided in joining two pieces of material, usually metal, by applying heat, with or without the use of filler material. Welding is the most common method for permanently connecting various metal parts that go into the construction of automobiles, spacecraft, ships, household appliances, and thousands of other products.