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Update on Final Exams and Commencement

Final Exams

Students have the following options:

  1. Taking a final exam as scheduled (An alternate site will be determined for students at Gadsden State-Cherokee who choose this option.);
  2. Accepting their existing grades as of April 27, 2011, unless not allowed under regulatory/licensure/certification requirements ;
  3. Taking an incomplete (I) and completing the final exam at a later date either on-site or via the internet.


Commencement ceremonies on May 5 in Calhoun County and May 6 in Etowah County will proceed as scheduled.

27 Responses to “Update on Final Exams and Commencement”

  1. Alexander Mills says:

    How can I find out what my grade is, as of April 27?

  2. Jennifer in Anniston says:

    What does this mean…a class decision or individual students decision?

  3. Gary Brendon Brown says:

    How do you notify instructor that you will be accepting current grade and not taking final exam?

  4. Haley Kokoszka says:

    Most athletes still have at least two make up exams, assignments or quizzes to make up just for this coming week. Most of us can not keep are existing grade because in the end that will hurt us more. We should just have a option to take are exam or not.

  5. Hunter says:

    Is this for students at the Cherokee Campus only? Or is this for all Gadsden State students?

  6. Leslie Cruise says:

    To whom it may concern,
    I live in Ohatchee, and I am also a volunteer firemen for Big Oak VFD. We are working night and day to search, rescue, stabilize, take out supplies to victims and clean up the area of impact, where in which 5 of the 9 deaths in our county occurred. Do these options apply to me, and who do I need to contact about more information.

    Thank You,
    Leslie Cruise

  7. Tristan Lemons says:

    I am a radiology major and was wondering if this would apply to me or if I will need to take finals as planed?

  8. Melissa says:

    where can we take the exams if we attend at cherokee campus? when will we be given this information?
    We also had a lab exam that we had not taken yet. What will happen with it? Does anyone have information on any of this?

  9. Maureen Sullivan says:

    I am interested in the option of accepting my grade effective April 27, 2011. I am taking accounting online. We have not been notified of the option on online course. Are we included? Thanks

  10. Jennifer in Anniston says:

    This is confusing….Was told this is only for students affected by the storms…but several of us missed our last class to finish up materials for final exams….how will we get the rest of the info? The storms affected all of us by missing needed classes. I am so lost and confused on what to do Mon…do we go to regularly scheduled classes?

  11. Kathleen Colburn says:

    Is this for Cherokee Campus only, or applicable to all campuses?

  12. shanna pendergraft says:

    I live in Marshall County and as of May 1 we are still without power and internet. I need to know if this is applicable to all campuses.

  13. April Waldrop says:

    One of my instructors is saying that she doesn’t know if we can “just” accept our grade as is…as of April 27. I’m confused is this OUR option or what? Please let me know…Thanks.

  14. Vikki Curry says:

    Does this apply to online students/classes as well?

  15. Stephanie says:

    Does this apply to every student?

  16. Danielle Vestal says:

    Does any one know where the finals will be given for cherokee? or when?

  17. jdjohnson says:

    This applies to ALL STUDENTS.

  18. jdjohnson says:

    This applies to ALL STUDENTS on ALL CAMPUSES.

  19. Ben Stewart says:

    Do we still attend classes now because of this? And do we need to get in-touch with our professors? Just wanting to make sure.

  20. Kassi says:

    If you are not required to take a final exam and you choose the option of accepting your grade as of April 27th, is that a guaranteed option no matter the current progress of that particular class? In other words, there would be no need to complete a regular class exam scheduled after April 27th?

  21. Heather says:

    I can’t seem to get anyone on the phone at the main campus on Wallace Drive that can tell me anything about this, but I’m wanting to double check that (1) this applies to all students in all subjects, (2) that accepting my grade as of April 27 doesn’t leave me with lack of a grade or an incomplete by not taking the final exam, and (3) what “regulatory/licensure/certification requirement” means exactly…sorry, just seems to good to be true.

  22. Buddy Winters says:

    Check with your instructor, Apperantly not all test are considered finals!!!

  23. Marie Kelly says:

    How can I find out what my current grade is so I can make a good decision on whether or not to take the final?

  24. jdjohnson says:

    This applies to All students of all campuses. If you have any questions or concerns contact your instructor.

  25. kay says:

    Anyone know who or what office do I need to call regarding grades as of Apr. 27 because I can’t contact my instructor. Also does this applies to online classes?
    Thank you

  26. jdjohnson says:

    @Kay, Call the department and ask to speak with the division chair. This applies to all students regardless of class type.

  27. Marian says:

    I look under the on line Student System and looked under my grades. My grade as of April 27 was listed. Maybe this will help answer some of these questions.

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