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Sandra Gottlieb “Seascapes” Exhibit Opens Aug. 25

The Meadows Gallery has a new exhibition by New York photographer Sandra Gottlieb that features large format seascapes that fluctuate between the abstract and the real.

The exhibition opens with a reception on August 25, 6:00 – 8:00 p.m., in the Meadows Library located on the Wallace Drive Campus of Gadsden State Community College.  Seascapes will remain on display until October 1, for viewing during normal library hours. The reception is free and open to the public. 

For ten years Sandra Gottlieb has observed and photographed the changes in natural light that transform the shoreline and horizon near her home at Rockaway Beach, New York. Her digital C-prints capture light fluctuations that rapidly alter the tones defining sea, sun and sky, on a daily basis. Gottlieb is not interested in storm clouds, or the effects of the wind on the ocean. She is tuned into the cycles and rhythms that create the light effects to be seen most dramatically at dawn and dusk. For many people tuned to city-life, nature and its splendor have become remote, even forgotten. These photographs remind us of the calming, regenerative effects that everyday contact with a natural environment can bring.

In the Seascape Series, 1996 – 2006, Gottlieb explores the territory between the abstract and the real.  The seascape provides the source for a minimal format in which heightened purity of expression can be achieved through the interaction of color and image. Color is her primary expressive element; she sensitively juxtaposes flat realms of pure color with blackened indefinable hues. These unusual color relationships are enhanced by ambient light and atmospheric mist, while the minimal formats stress the uncluttered grandeur of the natural environment.

The Meadows Gallery is an extension of the Fine Art Department at Gadsden State. The gallery presents two to three exhibitions per semester by local, regional, and nationally acclaimed artists. “Having the Meadows Gallery on campus has been a wonderful addition to our academic program.  Our students are able to study art in the class room and see quality exhibitions that reinforce the curriculum.  Students even display their own art in the gallery which gives them a sense of confidence and firsthand experience hanging and preparing an exhibition” said Mario Gallardo who is the gallery director and an art instructor at Gadsden State. “We are very excited to have this exhibition and would like to thank the library staff, Katherine T. Carter & Associates, and the Mary G Hardin Center for helping to bring this show to the Meadows Gallery”. 

The media is invited to view the exhibition and take pictures at any time during the exhibit.  To schedule an appointment to photograph the exhibit, schedule an interview, or for any additional information about The Meadows Gallery, its exhibitions, or programming contact Mario Gallardo at or 256- 549-8395.


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