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Ivory Coast Visitors & Camp YEAH!

Group from Cote d’Ivoire Visits GSCC

Gadsden State hosted a group of educators and government representatives from Africa’s Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) who are interested in bringing

students from their country to receive technology training in the United States.

Dr. Jim Jolly, dean of instructional services, said the group was visiting UAB as part of a plan to bring students to that university. When they expressed interest in technical training for Ivorian students UAB officials referred them to Gadsden State.

Laurent Bougui Tchagba, chief of staff of the Ministry of Technical Education and Training (METFP); Amara Kamate, technical advisor to the Minister of Partnerships; and Namah Bamba, chief of staff of Orientation and Scholarships from the METFP toured the campus and visited some of Gadsden State’s technical programs.

Gadsden State is already the educational home for several international students from the Ivory Coast. Some of those students were part of the group that welcomed the three visitors. French-English translators were needed to ease communications; French is the national language of the Ivory Coast.  Jolly said those students have paid their own way to come to the United States and to study at Gadsden State. The visiting officials are looking at bringing students to study here at their government’s  expense, for as long as five years.

According to Jolly, “They toured several of our technical programs and were very impressed.  They found our programs to be more advanced than any they have in their country.”  Dr. Paula Ross-Derrick, GSCC International Programs coordinator, said the 11 Ivorian students currently at Gadsden State enjoyed being involved in the visit. “They prepared a speech,” she said, “and two of the students, Marie Anne Kramo and Euloge Gnonde, delivered it, one in French and one in English. Then the two students served as translators at a dinner.”

Ross-Derrick said the Ivorian students are excited about the prospect of more students from their homeland coming to Gadsden State.  “When the Ivorian delegation left campus they were discussing the possibility of bringing students to Gadsden State as early as this fall,” Jolly said.


Gadsden State Cherokee Hosts Camp YEAH!

Gadsden State Cherokee hosted the first Camp YEAH! (Youth Exploring Advancements in Healthcare) one of several camps offered this summer for children and youth by Gadsden State Community College throughout its service communities.  Twenty-five students representing five Cherokee County high schools  were selected to participate in the week-long event. The camp was designed to educate and engage high school juniors and seniors interested in healthcare related careers. 

Chad Steed, coordinator of academic and student support services, said “Introducing students to healthcare programs and careers was a big part of the camp, however, it was also structured to teach leadership, communication and team-building skills.” 

Camp participants were exposed to detailed program information and hands-on activities in clinical laboratory technology, emergency medical services, licensed practical nursing, radiologic technology, registered nursing, and the cadaver lab.  Professionals from Cherokee County Health and Rehabilitation Center, the Alabama Organ Center, and a local pharmacist spoke to students about their specific experiences in the healthcare field.  The week concluded with a tour of the Birmingham Children’s Hospital. 


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