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Gingerbread House Seminar/NDLW Student Essay Winner

Gingerbread House Seminar Nov. 30

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!  Start a family tradition with your very own gingerbread house as Dawn Staats shares her talents during a hands-on seminar Friday, November 30 at noon in the Bevill Center, located

on the East Broad Campus of Gadsden State Community College.  Participants will leave the seminar with a recipe and knowledge of how to make a gingerbread house to share with family and friends this holiday season.  The cost of the seminar is $25.00 and all proceeds will be donated to the Gadsden State Cardinal Foundation. Please register by November 28 by calling 256-549-8462.



Valerie Price of Gadsden has been named the winner of the National Distance Learning Week Student Essay Contest sponsored by the Gadsden State Community College Office of eLearning. Students were asked to write an essay on how eLearning at Gadsden State has affected the way they are reaching their goals.  Price’s winning essay was entitled “Changed by eLearning” and may be viewed below.  April Smith of Glencoe placed second.  For more information about eLearning contact Sara Brenizer at or 256-439-6833.

Changed by eLearning

The opportunities that elearning has allowed me have changed my life. I have been able to go back to school after 25 years and now have more interaction with my children because of elearning. I have gained more confidence in myself .

After 25 years of being disabled, with no way of pursuing any dreams, I am finally able to begin to accomplish many of those dreams. Not being able to go to school or work is a feeling that is hard to put into words, it tears you down emotionally. Now that Gadsden State Community College offers elearning so many doors have been opened up for me. Technology today is amazing ! I would have never imagined that I would be earning a degree from my own living room. I am enrolled in the Office Administration Trans/Coding Program. This will enable me to have the skills to re-enter the workforce, even if it has to be from home. Without  elearning none of this would be possible.

Elearning has also brought me and my children closer together. I have two teen-agers in high school and we are studying some of the same work in math and English. We discuss our issues that we have with classes. We help each other with problems that we encounter. We share our gripes. My children have even had the same English teacher as I do. I would have never thought that being in school could bring me and my children closer together.

Finally, the difference it has made in how I feel about myself has got to be the most important. Before I began elearning I felt as though I had nothing to show for my life and I was getting older. I was very depressed and did not have any interaction with other people. Now, I am happier than I think I’ve ever been. I look forward to the future now, where I used to dread it. Through elearning I have met other students and gained a few good friends. The improvements in my life are endless.

In conclusion, I have Gadsden State Community College eLearning to thank for so many of the wonderful changes in my life. I can not wait to see what my future holds.



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