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Help Gadsden State Renovate the Valley Street Campus

Gadsden State needs your help to win Home Depot’s Retool Your School Grant which is available to Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

The grant has three options including a Tier I Major Project Award of $50,000, 12 Tier II Minor Project awards of $10,000, and a Campus Pride Project Award of $25,000. Tier I and Tier II grants will be awarded based on a ratio of consumer voting and advisory board panel selection.

If Gadsden State wins the major award, the proposed project includes an upgrade and overhaul of the HVAC and Carpentry classroom/shop areas to include ceilings, lights, shelving, cabinetry, and painting.  Proposed projects for the minor award include painting student restrooms, replacing ceiling tiles, and obtaining a gas utility vehicle for campus maintenance and upkeep.  This year’s Campus Pride Grant will be awarded to the school that receives the most votes and social media activity during the voting period, as assessed by The Home Depot.  Projects proposed for this award include resealing all campus building seams and installing weather stripping on all windows.

Last year, with the help of the community, alumni members, friends of GSCC, students, faculty, and staff, Gadsden State received a $10,000 Tier II grant from The Home Depot.  The grant award was used to install eco-friendly landscaping, solar lighting, and student-friendly outdoor study spaces to improve the appearance and learning environment on the Valley Street Campus.  In addition to HVAC and carpentry students, the campus is also home to students enrolled in the licensed practical nursing, certified nursing assistant, and marketing management programs, as well as, college administrators, faculty, and staff.

The grant applications will be judged by a panel of advisors and by the online voting score.  Anyone can vote one time per day, and it only takes a minute.  Please help Gadsden State and vote daily at  Online voting began Monday, February 18 and will conclude on April 15.


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