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Megan Smith Receives NSLS Scholarship

The National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS) has a very active chapter at Gadsden State Community College.  Over 400 students have joined as prospective members since the chapter was established in 2007.  Each year 20-30 students complete the strict membership requirements to be inducted as fully-fledged members. National Society membership is not tied

to attendance of meetings on Gadsden State’s campuses. The prospective and inducted members can maintain contact through the organization’s Website and there is also a national chapter that is conducted totally online.

Recent GSCC graduate Megan Smith, a Film and Broadcasting major at The University of Alabama, found out how valuable the organization can be after she awarded a $1,000 scholarship based on her membership in NSLS.  The Boaz resident maintained a 4.0 GPA while attending Gadsden State and received the UA Transfer Presidential Scholarship which covers tuition for four semesters. Smith kept in touch with Dr. Judy Hill, NSLS sponsor, and inquired about watching the motivational videos online.  Through that connection Smith became aware of a scholarship opportunity for which she qualified, completed the application, and received the $1000 scholarship from NSLS which can be used for books, supplies, and living expenses.

“The National Society has given two other students scholarships in previous years, but the amounts were much smaller, $250 or $300,” said Hill.  “It is great that our students continue to connect with us so we can follow their successes and progress as they grow. Megan was an exceptional member when she was here. It is very rewarding that she chooses to stay connected through NSLS.”


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