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Juniors and seniors from area high schools will attend the ninth annual Consortium for Alabama Regional Center for Automotive Manufacturing (CARCAM) sponsored STEM Camp, June 23-26 on Gadsden State Community College’s Ayers Campus in Anniston.

STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, and the camp is part of CARCAM’s Student Career Pathway Initiative. The goal is to encourage interest and prepare students for jobs in the high-tech automated manufacturing industries in Alabama. During the four-day camp, students will attend classes and complete hands-on tasks in various technical programs and tour the Honda Plant in Lincoln, Alabama.

“Through STEM Camp, students explore many diverse technical careers and experience real-life applications of math and science principles through hands-on learning,” CARCAM Director Beverly Hilderbrand said. While they are at Gadsden State, participants will spend time in various technical programs such as electronics, machine tool, drafting and design, collision repair and welding. Students will have a specific, hands-on project designed by instructors and will leave the class with the item he or she has made. Some will build and test robots to demonstrate the principles they have learned during camp. Gadsden State’s career coaches will serve as facilitators for the high school students.

“We want students and their parents to be aware of the many high-wage, high-demand technical careers which are available throughout Alabama,” Ms. Hilderbrand added.

For more information about CARCAM or STEM Camp, contact Beverly Hilderbrand at 256-439-6871 or and Marian Stone at 256-439-6861 or


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