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Gadsden, Ala.–Gadsden State Community College is working to put heart health in focus. Heart Focus is a cardiac wellness program that is centered toward individuals who have been diagnosed with heart disease or have undergone a heart procedure. The program, which is offered by Gadsden State as a Continuing Education class, is also encouraged for individuals with a high risk of developing a heart related condition.

“Anyone in the community who wants to be healthier through exercise can attend,” said Cindy Mullinax, instructor. Heart Focus, which was first taught in the spring of 2005, utilizes treadmills, spinning bikes and Stairmasters for cardio exercises and weights for strength training.

Mullinax, a registered nurse who holds certifications in group exercise and personal training, monitors each participant’s blood pressure and heart rate throughout each session. She also designs specific exercises for each participant to complete during the session. “Heart Focus is a great program because it helps people realize how much better they feel when exercising regularly,” she explained. “My goal for participants is to improve endurance by building time on cardio equipment. The heart and lungs get stronger in the process. Weight machines help them with muscle toning and strength for everyday activities”

The Heart Focus program is taught in the spring and fall at Gadsden State and is accepting new participants. The Spring Semester Session will begin January 13 and will meet Monday and Wednesday, from 9:00 – 10:00 a.m. “The class has open enrollment, so someone can join for a month or come for the whole semester,” Mullinax said. The cost for enrollment is $20 per month and $80 per semester.

For more information on Heart Focus or to register for a session contact Cindy Mullinax at (256) 439-6802 or

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