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Ahmed poses in front of Schlumberger plant

Ahmed Elbarbary, a former Egyptian exchange student at Gadsden State Community College, is enjoying a successful career at Schlumberger thanks to his college education.  

Schlumberger is the world’s leading services and technology provider in the oil and gas industry. Elbarbary works as a field specialist in the Artificial Lift segment.  He is responsible for raising oil to the earth’s surface via electrical submersible pumps sending them 7,000 feet below the earth’s surface, powering them to lift the oil and assembling the pumps.

Elbarbary spends as much as three weeks at a time on site drilling in the Sahara desert.  He applied for a position at Schlumberger before enrolling at Gadsden State, but was unable to get a job with them. However, when he re-applied after obtaining his Associate in Applied Science degree in Industrial Automation Technology, he was given a position with the company because of the advanced training he had received.

While at Gadsden State, Elbarbary studied motor control, programmable logic control, hydraulic and pneumatic systems and pumps.  Knowledge in all of these skill areas is essential in his current job.  A particularly useful result of his academic achievements at Gadsden State was a certificate from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration he received in an industrial safety class, which helped secure his position at Schlumberger.

His career has benefitted from Gadsden State’s academics and from its community as well.  While living in the residence hall, he learned to speak English more fluently and with a variety of accents by interacting with his fellow students. This skill has been valuable to him in communicating with people from various backgrounds on the job. His communication skills also improved while he worked as an intern in the U.S.

Elbarbary takes pride in his work with Schlumberger and enjoys it. He realizes that his hard work and determination helped him to achieve success and satisfaction in his field.  “I was lucky to get a scholarship to study in the USA through Fulbright.  My internship allowed me to work in an organized company where I learned to understand and explain technical information in English.  This has been very helpful to me at Schlumberger,” he said.

Schlumberger employs over 83,000 people of more than 140 nationalities working in approximately 80 countries.

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