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Christmas Trees Recycled at Gadsden State

The Gadsden State Community College Aquaculture Department will be recycling real Christmas trees this year.  Trees may be dropped off in front of the Aquaculture building located on the Wallace Drive Campus. 

 The tree branches will be placed in the ponds to encourage the spawning of yellow perch.  Last year, Gadsden State became the first group to spawn the yellow perch in the Southeastern United States.  According to Dr. Hugh Hammer, aquaculture instructor, “The growing season is slightly longer in the southern states and we are currently growing out the first group of perch that were born last winter.” The demand for these fish continues to increase as the retail prices around the Great Lakes average $10-15 per pound for the fillets.  The price is high because wild fisheries for yellow perch have been consistently declining for the last several years while demand has steadily increased.  “Many fish farmers depend on Gadsden State for fingerlings and research,” added Hammer.

One Response to “Christmas Trees Recycled at Gadsden State”

  1. Marshall Spates says:

    Why does everything good like this have to happen at the wallace drive campus. Alot of other students also attend the mc.& Ayers campus. it would be very nice to see more resources like this avabile at all the campuses! Sence the depleation of yellow perch at the fish farms would it not be a good thing to use some of the trees in our local community fishing places ie coosa and neely henry dam. there are plenty of perch there that could use the help. i am willing to donate my service to see that our own countys waterways recieve this kind of service, and i bet other fishers would also help. Heflin watershed, lake chin., and other waters around could use the same. thank you just a thought!!

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