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Gadsden State Community CollegeTEC Initiative

TEC Initiative

Your Connection to the Future

  • INTERACT with your classmates
  • COMMUNICATE with your instructors
  • ENGAGE in technology-rich learning opportunities
  • CONNECT through hands-on experience

The TEC Initiative serves as Gadsden State’s commitment to enable its students to harness available technology, utilizing it in a variety of electronic sources applicable both inside and outside the classroom.


It is designed to prepare students for success whether they transfer to other two- or four-year institutions or complete their training for degree or certificate programs at Gadsden State. By providing students with opportunities to engage in the learning process through technology, students can develop a proficiency that enables them to function competently in a technology-based academic or work environment.

Learn how to communicate with other students and your instructors using email, bulletin boards, chat rooms, blogs, etc.

Become proficient at using an electronic classroom to download assignments, upload files, take exams, and communicate with your instructor and other class members.

Develop your skills for using online resources for research and learn how to determine the validity and reliability of those sources.

Learn how to share what you've learned with others in a variety of electronic formats.

Use technology to become engaged in learning, communicating, and connecting.



TEC Initiative Student Learning Objectives:


1. Students will be able to connect with other students and their instructors using a variety of communication tools (e-mail, discussion boards, chat rooms, instant messaging, etc.)

2. Students will learn how to participate in an online classroom environment including accessing online course materials, downloading assignments, and submitting assignments.

3. Students will develop/demonstrate the ability to initiate searches when in need of specific information for special projects/assignments in all courses.

4. Students will be able to recognize reliable sources and determine the usefulness of information gathered using technology resources.

5. Students will develop skills that allow them to incorporate a variety of formats to share information with each other and instructors.