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Welcome to eLearning

Welcome to eLearning at Gadsden State Community College. Gadsden State Community College is proud to offer a variety of educational opportunities through eLearning. Our courses teach the very same objectives and outcomes as courses offered on campus; the difference is in the delivery. Instead of attending a class where an instructor provides a lecture and leads a classroom discussion, eLearning courses are delivered over the Internet and through video capture. Each course requires approximately 6-7 hours per week during the semester to complete the work. These courses require as much commitment as any traditional on-campus class. They require dedicated, ongoing, and regular participation.

Have you enrolled in your first online class? If so, please complete eLSO 100 prior to the first day of class. eLSO 100 is designed to ensure that students enrolled in online classes are prepared for the online learning environment.(This is a non-credit course and should not be confused with Orientation to College, which is the for-credit College Orientation course.)

To enroll in eLSO 100:

  • Locate the Course Catalog Module found on the My Institution Page.

  • Blackboard

  • Click on the linked eLearning Student Orientation.
  • Under the Course ID heading, place the cursor next to eLSO.
  • Click on the down arrow that appears next to eLSO 100.
  • Select Enroll.
  • Click the Submit button.

Once you have completed eLSO 100, your instructor(s) will be notified.

This site is designed to assist you in becoming a successful eLearning student. It provides you with important information that you will use as you become involved with your eLearning courses.

Thank you for selecting the eLearning Program at Gadsden State Community College as a way of achieving your educational goals. The eLearning staff is available to assist you with any problems you may encounter. If you have questions, please contact us.

Visit this site for additional information about eLearning at Gadsden State: eLearning Orientation

"All college admission policies are applicable to eLearning courses and programs."



While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the material presented, the college reserves the right to change any provision listed on this site without notification to individual students.

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